Eating Healthy During a Recession

February 17, 2009
Jersey Journal
Hoboken Now
By Carly Baldwin

As the economy continues to slide, many people have either lost their jobs or are worried about job security. And as a result people are buying cheap food, eating on the run and forgoing healthy meals, which can sometimes include more expensive ingredients. Stress and depression can also lead to what’s known as “recession weight gain.”

Shortcuts and emotional eating both lack nutritional value and can pack on the pounds, says Hoboken clinical nutritionist Inna Topiler (Her office, Complete Nutrition and Wellness, is located at 80 Park Ave.) From Inna, here’s a list of ways to feed you and your family healthier foods (and stay in shape) without going bankrupt:

  • Buy frozen. Frozen veggies still contain the needed vitamins and minerals that fresh veggies do and they are much healthy than canned.
  • Pack on the grains, but not the pounds. Legumes and brown rice are very filling and inexpensive, they also have a long shelf life.
  • Pass on the pricey gym membership. Invest in a used piece of exercise equipment or rent/buy exercise DVDs to burn calories.
  • Filter out the bad: Get a water filtration system. It is an expense at first, but you will be saving over time and its better for the environment.
  • Purchase all your meats on sale and freeze and be aware of healthful portion sizes. Some chicken breasts are large enough for 2-3 servings. Don’t cook more than you need.

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