Love shakes but tired of your same old protein? We got something new for you…

PurePaleo Protein Powder
PurePaleo Protein

We are excited to introduce a brand new protein powder – PurePaleo Protein by Designs for Health. It is a novel, great-tasting, dairy-free protein powder, yielding 21 g of protein per serving. It contains HydroBEEF™, a highly concentrated, pure beef protein, produced through an exclusive proprietary process that allows the protein to be hydrolyzed into more peptides, resulting in easier absorption and assimilation.

Yes… we know what you may be thinking ….protein powder from beef, really? We thought that at first as well, but trust us! … Its absolutely delicious and extremely healthy and hypoallergenic! It comes in Chocolate and Vanilla, YUM!

It May Not Be Gluten Afterall, Glyphosate May Be Causing Your Issues

Gluten or glyphosate, what is causing your issues?
Gluten or glyphosate, what is causing your issues?

Ever wonder why wheat seems give people so many issues in this country? While gluten certainly plays a huge role, the question we are often asked is why people who are so sensitive to wheat in the US seem ok with it when traveling to other countries. It has been said that the genetic modification of wheat and hybridization plays a big role and while that is true, the new hybrid wheat has spread all over the world so it’s no longer specifically concentrated here in the US. So what is the issue?
There was a wonderful article about this in the healthy economist last month and below is a summary of what they found:

Believe it or not, it is actually a common wheat harvest protocol in the United States to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields as the practice allows for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest.

“Pre-harvest application of the herbicide Roundup or other herbicides containing the deadly active ingredient glyphosate to wheat and barley as a desiccant was suggested as early as 1980.  It has since become routine over the past 15 years and is used as a drying agent 7-10 days before harvest within the conventional farming community.”
According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT who has studied the issue in depth, desiccating non-organic wheat crops with glyphosate just before harvest came into vogue late in the 90s with the result that most of the non-organic wheat in the United States is now contaminated with it.  Seneff explains that when you expose wheat to a toxic chemical like glyphosate, it actually releases more seeds resulting in a slightly greater yield:   “It ‘goes to seed’ as it dies. At its last gasp, it releases the seed” says Dr. Seneff.”

While the herbicide industry tells us glysphsaphe is supposedly non toxic, there is multiple studies showing its effects on the cytochrome P450 system (which is the pathways our liver uses to detoxify). Just because it doesn’t kill us instantly, it certainly does not mean its non toxic and doesn’t have serious and long term effects.
Roundup disrupts the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut which then leads to intestinal permeability which is the breeding ground for autoimmunity. In fact, since roundup has been introduced in this practice in the 90’s, the amounts used have skyrocketed.  Interestingly, celiac disease has as well. There is a very interesting study from Dec of 2013 connecting glyphosate in roundup to many of the things that are thought to be celiac symptoms.

Celiac is associated with imbalance in gut bacteria and that can be explained in the known effects of glyphosate on gut bacteria. Characteristics of celiac diease point to impairment in many cytochrome p450 enzymes which are involved in detoxifying environmental toxins, activating D3, breaking down vitamin A and maintaining bile acid production and sulfate supplied to the gut. Glyphosate is known to inhibit these enzymes. Deficiencies in iron, cobalt, molybdenum, copper and other metals associated with celiac disease can be attributed to glyphosate’s strong ability to attached to these elements. Deficiencies in tryptophan, tyrosine, methioine and selenomethionine are associated with celiac disease match glyhosate’s known depletion of these amino acids.

Furthermore, this exposure happens a little at a time over years which slowly damages the cells contributing to high levels of inflammation and inflammation is linked to a myriad of diseases. This can lead to a perfect storm where things are just enough off balance that the body is not able to self correct and leads to chronic disease.

If you do not have a wheat/gluten sensitivity but find that you don’t feel well when eating wheat at restaurants, this can be your issue. Eating organic wheat would be helpful for you as well as avoiding wheat when going out as most restaurants do not use organic wheat.

Introducing our sister company My Custom Cleanse!

My Custom Cleanse

We have been working on an exciting project to help meet the demands of our busy practice. Most of our patients come to see us to get a customized plan made for their needs. Realizing that there are just not enough hours  in a day to meet the high demand for custom health programs, straight answers, and clean products, we to do something about this problem. We wanted to allow people to get the benefit of a customized plan without necessarily having an appointment and feel that everyone deserves a plan that is right for them.

What started as an idea in 2013 has just become a reality and we are super excited to announce that after a year of compiling research, rigorous analysis and algorithm construction, My Custom Cleanse is ready!

We have crossed all of our T’s and dotted all of our I’s (twice) and is officially launched.

What is MY CUSTOM CLEANSE? is our innovative and interactive website where we create a unique 14-day cleanse plan for every individual based on their answers to highly specific series of questions we have been working tirelessly to perfect.

As you know, a cleanse can mean many things, but the common goal is always to feel better. But how can a cleanse work without getting to know YOU? Unlike most cleanses, here each product is chosen for you AND we create a detailed and customized food plan based on our science used in daily practice.

Our clients have inspired us to always continue learning to figure out the reasons behind their health concerns. We so appreciate your success stories which keep us motivated to continue solving even the most difficult health puzzles.

Please help us spread the word by forwarding on to family or friends that would be interested in getting on track with a personalized cleanse without the cost or the wait for a personal consultation.

In addition to the cleanse, the site has a recipe section filled with delicious ideas that you can use at any time. We are also posting new recipes and health tips on all of our social media networks so please follow us for more ideas on tasty and healthy meals for you and your family.

Thank you so much for all of your support! You are the first to know and we invite you to try it out,  we know you will love it as much as we do. As a thank you, we are also offering 10% off and free shipping on all orders placed from now through January 1st with code TRYIT10

The site JUST launched and we are super excited to share the news. Please check it out at

Ebola in NYC

A powerful anti-microbial

We have been getting lots of emails and questions this morning about Ebola in NYC. While Ebola is not that easy to get (so please don’t panic), there are wonderful ways to boost our immune system to help protect ourselves. We love Silvercillin because it’s a very potent anti-microbial as well as an anti-viral. It has no taste and comes in a convenient spray bottle so its great for both children and adults.

Another great tool to keep in your tool box is vitamin C. When taken in higher doses, it not only boosts the immune system but vitamin C also inhibits the replication of viruses! Furthermore, high dose vitamin C can generate hydrogen peroxide which has antimicrobial properties.

Check out our C+Biofizz, a great tasting powder that can be mixed in any beverage. You get 2500mg of vitamin c in 1 teaspoon for easy dosing with no pills to swallow.

Is Niacin Safe? The Media is Confusing Us Again!

Here is a great article by Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz from Designs for Health about the recent niacin news and why the reports are so deceiving.

There has been some recent negative news about niacin based on the HPS2-THRIVE study, and now we see it again, this time in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Let’s take a closer look at all of this.  First, in the recent HPS2-THRIVE study, which examined an investigational drug from Merck, the researchers state that niacin does not provide any benefits. The drug they looked at is a combination of extended-release niacin and laropiprant, a drug which partially blocks the flushing effect of niacin.  This niacin combination was given to subjects already well controlled on statin therapy; in essence meaning that they tested a drug on individuals with no apparent need to take it. Added to this is the fact that there have been numerous studies over the years that have pointed to niacin’s benefits in heart disease, with these accolades having been supported by the National Lipid Association (NLA).

The HPS2-THRIVE study also reported that niacin caused greater harm than the statin arm.  The media picked up on this, and associated any reported adverse events (such as diabetic and GI complications) with the niacin component, which is misleading, given the fact there are documented mechanisms of harm that are actually associated with laropiprant.  In fact, this drug was pulled from over 20 countries due to these findings.

Now let’s take a closer look at niacin and liver toxicity. There are no known toxic metabolites of niacin; the stress to the liver comes from the continued metabolizing of nicotinates into useful metabolites. The concern of liver toxicity really has more to do with the dosing than the risk of niacin itself. Work in the 1990s by Pharma companies (most likely trying to discredit niacin) demonstrated that 2 g of sustained or extended-release niacin T.I.D. caused elevated enzymes. This has far more to do with the constant metabolizing of niacin than the dose (2 grams) of the niacin itself. Designs for Health’s controlled release niacin delivers niacin in a controlled rate only over a 6-8 hour period, which reduces the potential increase of liver enzyme production.

Niacin has had a long history (over 50 years) of safe use. The vast majority of research with niacin, either when used as a solo nutrient or in conjunction with other lipid-lowering drugs, shows significant benefits, suggesting that this B vitamin remains a safe and effective nutrient in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Fertility Issues? Sub-clinical Hypothyroidism may be causing your issue

A properly functioning thyroid is a very important aspect for fertility BUT unfortunately often missed in infertility workups. Most fertility clinics and reproductive endocrinologists check the basic markers for thyroid such as TSH but do not look at the actual thyroid hormones which are Total and Free T4 and Total and Free T3. Time and time again I hear endocrinologists tell patients that there is nothing wrong with their thyroid because their TSH is ok and completely ignore the actual thyroid hormones. This type of analysis is very incomplete and is one of the reasons that people have trouble conceiving and prone to miscarriages.
In our practice, we see so many patients that have unfortunately been struggling with infertility and have had multiple failed IVF’s and after further investigation, their thyroid proved to be an issue even though their TSH was completely normal. It is extremely sad to hear their stories and know that they didn’t have to suffer all this time as the fix is quite simple once the issue is properly identified.
If you are struggling with infertility, please be sure to test all your thyroid levels including Total T4, Free T4, Total T3, Free T3 and Reverse T3 to make sure your thyroid is truly functioning properly and is optimized. You can read more about how all these levels are related and why we can’t just look at TSH in this article.

Introducing Our Very Own Dairy-Free Protein Shake

Creamy Chocolate
Essential Base Dairy Free Protein

Many of our patients have allergies and sensitivities to dairy and therefore cannot tolerate whey protein. There are a few options on the market for dairy free protein powders but most people have reported (and we can’t disagree) that they are not the tastiest. After hearing frustrations from many people, we took it upon ourselves to find a better option and developed a shake that will not only be hypoallergenic (dairy, whey and soy free) but also truly delicious!

We are happy to announce that the Essential Base shake is finally here. It comes in a delicious Spiced Chai flavor (with a hint of pumpkin- yum!), Creamy Chocolate and Peanut Butter! Essential base combines protein from peas and rice and sweetened with stevia.  Its creamy and smooth and blends great with all types of beverages. Great as a snack in water or almond/coconut milk or mixed in a smoothie with fruit of your choice. Check it out here or stop by the office to try a sample today!

We Are Getting Ready For Allergy Season – Take 10% off Natural D-Hist

Natural D-Hist
Natural D-Hist

As nice as this warm weather has been, the trees are blooming and allergy season is upon us. But why suffer when there is a great natural solution. Now you no longer have to let pollen keep you from enjoying the outdoors (or just making it through the day). Natural D-Hist has been our trusted friend in completely natural anti-histamine relief that works extremely quickly without drowsiness or other side effects of conventional allergy medications. Take 10% off D-Hist from how through May 15th.

Do you “C” what we “C”?

C+Bio Fizz
C+Bio Fizz

I think that we can all agree it has been one tough winter here in the northeast. But as the weather is trying to get warmer, we are not out of the woods yet. The changes in weather and especially the back and forth from cold to warm is still the prime season for all types of viruses. Over the winter, we have talked about many wonderful herbal combinations such as viracid, immunitone and mycoferon that are amazing for the immune system. However there are certain circumstances where herbs may not be appropriate such as with pregnancy or nursing or if someone is specifically sensitive to that herb. The great news though is that in those cases there is still a great option. Many people may underestimate the power of vitamin C because it may seem basic but this wonderful vitamin has amazing immune boosting effects and antiviral properties and it is safe for all.

There are many vitamin C options available online and at your local health food store.  We love C+Bio Fizz because it is effervescent, tastes great  though not sweetened with sugar or any artificial ingredients and works extremely well. At a first sign of a cold or infection, mix a teaspoon of this delicious vitamin C in a little water and do this every few hours for the next few days and watch it work. It is very helpful to take vitamin C at higher doses for about 2 to 3 days at the onset of the infection or during the cold to help your body fight the infection. While all vitamin C is effective, we find effervescent works the quickest.

Please be sure NOT to do this protocol with emergen-C though. While it is effervescent and okay to use here and there you do not want to mega dose the way we are recommending with regular vitamin C. The reason is that emergen-C is not just vitamin C but also a multi vitamin and mineral formula. It’s okay to take once a day or as needed but in this situation you would want to take 2 to 3 grams of vitamin C every few hours and you will overdose with all the other vitamins that are in it if you take that much. Furthermore, it contains some sugar and taking a packet every few hours will give you a huge amount of sugar that will have a weakening affect on the immune system.

We hope that you will stay healthy this spring but if you find yourself getting a cold, try this vitamin C protocol it works!

Do Antioxidants Spread Cancer?

A big article on antioxidants made headlines this week talking about antioxidants such as vitamin E and how they can actually cause cancer to spread in those already sick. We wanted to comment because there are many things in the study that did not make complete sense (similarly to the recent fish oil/prostate cancer study which was completely flawed).

In the article, they talked about the antioxidants helping repair DNA and thus the cells would not receive a signal to stop the malignant cell from spreading. One thing they did not mention however is the type of vitamin E used. Many of you may already know that synthetic vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol) can cause damage because its not natural. D Alpha tocopherol is natural, however in nature, vitamin E is found as a group of tocopherols and thus taking too much of only alpha will actually deplete the others (gamma, delta and beta) and can lead to disease. (For more information on mixed tocopherols please check out our previous post here). The article mentioned that their results were found with supplements but not foods containing E and other antioxidants which brings up the point that we always speak of about only taking good quality vitamins so they are natural and complete and are the same as what is found in foods. Would their conclusion of vitamin E causing cancer to spread would necessary hold up if mixed tocopherols (full spectrum vitamin E) were used?

There was also another big study a few years ago speaking of beta carotene promoting lung cancer in smokers and we think this was a similar situation because foods that contain vitamin A are usually a combination of mixed carotenoids and not just Beta Carotene… Just food for thought…