Comprehensive DNA Stool Analysis

Our highly advanced DNA Stool test measures all aspects of digestion by accurately identifying:

  • hidden parasites
  • pathogenic and beneficial bacteria levels
  • intestinal inflammation
  • digestion capability
  • absorption capacity

These results will allow us to find the source of all of your digestive complaints.

Have you been having digestive troubles, even after a full battery of tests from your gastroenterologists?  Have you tried colonoscopies, endoscopies and stool tests only to be told there is nothing wrong?  Many people are frustrated when a conventional stool test comes back “normal” as they continue to suffer from chronic digestive problems.

Conventional tests only look for large abnormalities with technology that is short of sophisticated. Our advanced DNA test leaves no stone unturned and is proven to be effective in identifying even the smallest irregularities, which are often the cause of the problem.

Findings from this test will help to alleviate:

  • IBS
  • Crohns
  • Colitis
  • GERD
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas and Bloating
  • Chronic Yeast infections
  • Nausea
  • Rectal itching
  • Stomach aches and cramps

The DNA nature of this test makes it extremely accurate and far superior to the culture technology used by most conventional US laboratories.

Greater Scope
GI Effects is the only test that can measure the full spectrum of bacteria found in the gut.  95% of this bacteria is undetectable by culture technology.  It is like reading a book where 19 out of every 20 pages have been ripped out.

Greater Accuracy
We find hidden, commonly occurring parasites, bacteria and fungi missed by other      tests. GI Effects detects as few as 5 cells per gram – a 5000 fold increase in sensitivity over other labs for parasite detection.

Antibiotic resistance recognition
GI Effects identifies any possible antibiotic resistance to make sure your treatment is effective on the first try.

Simple Sample Collection
Only one small sample collection is required compared to culture methods which need multiple jars collected over several days.

Eliminates Errors in Transport
Sample transport is a source of significant error in culture analysis because the microbial balance is very susceptible to changes after the time of collection.  In DNA analysis, the specimen is placed in a fixative tube that stops microbial growth and offers a highly accurate snapshot of the microbial balance in the gut.

Heal your digestive ailments and feel better by identifying the origin of the problem with the GI Effects Stool Analysis.

Our Approach to Digestive Problems (The Whole Body Perspective )

The Importance of a Good Functioning Digestive System

Test Pricing and Insurance

The costs vary from $99-$395. Our prices are much lower than other companies’ because we do not up-charge for any of our tests.  If your insurance carrier does not cover the test, you only pay the base cost directly to the lab. We encourage you to submit the lab receipt to your insurance carrier as many patients get fully reimbursed.

We do need an initial appointment first so that we can get a detailed health history and get to know you (we cannot legally run tests on people who are not our patients) but also we can customize the stool test that would be the most beneficial for you as there are a few different variations available. Depending on your specific digestive concerns, the panels that are best for you may be different than some other patients.

Furthermore, a big part of the initial consultation focuses on eating habits and food education so that you know not just what foods are best for your digestion but also how to combine them and time meals properly. This is essential because food is the foundation to everything that we do and needs to be used in conjunction with the information that shows up in the stool test.  We also look at the reasons why patients develop digestive issues in the first place and work on not just fixing what comes up on the stool test but also healing your whole system to prevent these and future issues and optimize your overall health. This process of looking at the whole body guarantees the most success and the quickest results with your program.