Success Stories

“Beth, Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday!  At the beginning I wondered how we would be able to speak for 2 hours, and at the end I wished we had more time!  Everything you said made so much sense!

O.P., N.Y

“Inna, I cannot thank you enough for all the help and guidance you’ve given me . Truly there are no words. I’m excited for the changes too!!”

N.B., N.J

“Hi Beth, I just wanted to let you know that this new supplement regimen that I’m on is having a significant effect on how I feel. I am feeling more focused and stronger I am also starting to lose weight again. I am sleeping better at night and my cravings for sugar have gone way down. I think we found the right combination!   I am feeling great!

L.L. , N. J.

“Beth,  I couldn’t be managing through all this without the foundation you helped me set!!!!”

J.G., N.J

“Beth, Thank you so much for yesterday……that was a lot of learning!   I wanted to thank you!  You are awesome!”

L.S., N.Y

“Beth,  Thanks again for all your expert advise and wisdom in unraveling the mysteries of my body. It is now four years since the original diagnosis of GBS and I am grateful everyday for being well and being able to resume my life in better health than before. ”

D.G., C.A

“Beth, I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement and of course your help with my health as always!  Thank you again!”

M.M., N.Y

“Beth, You are INCREDIBLE!!  My little boy is speaking!!   I cannot thank you enough.  I am SO grateful to have connected with you – you are a gift from God!! I cannot thank you enough for ALL you have done for us! ”

W.M., F.L

“Beth, I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all that you have done for us especially helping Tatiana get healthy enough to get pregnant.  Isabella is 5 lbs 13 oz and 19 inches and again it is all because of you.”

J.T., P.A

“Thank you for your kind and encouraging words… It all sounds so fascinating… 
I love you Inna… You are a very cool  and special lady with a very big heart…
R.B., P.A


“Inna – well, I think once again, you did it! You found what it was – I’m so grateful.  I feel better – a bit more and more with each day.

I’ve looking at studies and patient forums and there is so much of exactly this…
Anyway, I wanted to just let you know that you are such a God send. I’d really be up a creek without you – (I know my mom feels the same way).


D.F., N.Y

“Inna,  just wanted to update you. Because of You, pre-diabetes gone. Graves is in Remission. My endocrinologist in Englewood asked me who is this nutritionist you are doing great and need no meds! I told her your name. She was shocked at my blood work esp given my commute and job.
So just wanted to let you know as you are Game changer healer…. YOU are gifted.

J.M., N.J

“Alyssa, I am now almost 5% lower in body fat than I was when I started at the beginning of June.  Today, my measurement was 19.5%…I am super excited.  It’s like you are a magician!!!!  Never thought it could be achieved so fast.

R.C., N.J

“Inna, Just wanted to let you know how much last session helped. I was able to find the products you recommended and collagen and what a discovery they both are!! I’m so psyched to be able to have protein shakes that don’t have a funky color and aftertaste. I’ve used it in baking and cooking and it’s amazing.
I’ve tried the muffins with the protein and they rock! Next the pizza dough.  The best part is that after eating them a few times I realized how digestible they are compared to anything made with grain, even rice or oats or corn. This is a great alternative for me.
So my freezer is now full of muffins and meatballs (another great suggestion), my fridge has prepped vegetables and it’s definitely inspired me to expand my food repertoire so I am not bored out of my mind.

I’ve started using ArthroSoothe. It’s already helping me with my joints and it hasn’t been that long. So of course I’m sleeping better and that helps everything as well. Thank you

S.D., N.Y

“Alyssa, When I read this quote from Steve Jobs, I thought of you.  ““Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”  You’re a blessing!

A., NJ

“I am forever thankful! If it wasn’t for you, I would not have my daughter. After multiple failed IVF treatments and countless disappointments, you helped me balance my body to make natural conception a possibility I never even dreamed of. Thank you!!
A.F., N.J

“Inna, with all the support you gave me , I continue to follow your guidance with five meals a day, smoothies, high protein and veggies! Even make my own bone broth! Learned so much and you truly gave me the tools that are the foundation that I use today.
M.E., N.J

“Alyssa, just wanted to say that according to my scale, I am under 200 lbs for the first time since at least freshman year of high school.  199.7!                                                                                                                                                P.P., N.Y

“Thank you for all of your help and guidance during the last few months Alyssa!  Your meal plans helped me lose 35 pounds and my self esteem and overall fitness are grateful for your expertise.”
K.B., N.Y

“I thought rushing to the bathroom after dinner was normal, a sign of my age, an effect of menopause.  I thought feeling bloated and like there were rocks in my stomach was just the way my digestive system worked.  I thought feeling sleepy at 3:30 in the afternoon was a sign that I should probably retire soon. I thought I would die without pasta (every Sunday growing up) or a candy bar or wine … But Alyssa’s expertise and advice and care in figuring out what I should and should not eat has made me feel more energetic, more even tempered, more comfortable in my own (15 lbs less) body. I just can’t believe I thought everything was normal when this is what normal really feels like. Every time I eat something not on the plan, I feel the difference and so I am beginning to lose the cravings. (I had to attend a few lunches at beginning of school and tried to make the best choices but there was not always a choice).  I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me thus far.”
J. M. NY

“I just received my recent pap smear results from my ob-gyn — HPV has cleared!!!  Thanks entirely to your guidance Inna!  Also my sleep is SO MUCH improved also, after using Gaba & PS150, thank you!”
A. M. NY

“I can’t fully express just how grateful I am to you for all you’ve done and continue to do for my husband and I. We are honored to be on this journey of health and wellness with you and the rest of the CNW team. It’s not only our lives you’ve changed, but that of our children. In the past we would hide and eat sweets, chocolates, cookies etc because we knew they would see it and ask for it and we didn’t want them to have all that sugar. Yet somehow we thought we were entitled to it. Now, when I say that my son can’t have so much cake/candy/cookies, I can stand by my conviction because I no longer eat these things. We don’t have processed sugar at home. I don’t even think we have white sugar for tea / coffee if someone comes over.  Everything has changed and a lot more than weight has been released and let go.   Emotionally, physically, I am in a better place than I was 6 months ago, and I’m never ever going back.  It’s been AWESOME!!!”
M. M. NJ

“Dear Alyssa, I am so grateful to you for your guidance , advice, kindness and compassion! I feel better everyday and I can now look into the mirror and feel good about myself . I’m loving the journey of getting my physical body back to the person I know I am on the inside . It’s so freeing to not carry all that additional weight! Thank you for being my personal cheerleader . I love that my success becomes your success. I appreciate all your emails of encouragement, and I love how passionate you are with helping me succeed. It’s been such a blessing walking into your office and having you as my health and wellness coach. Please know that you have truly changed the course of my health and my life forever. I know that it only keeps getting better! Unending gratitude and love!”
L. M. NJ

“I have struggled with my weight for as long as i can remember, food was a “drug” growing up in my home with a 400 lb father & a 200 lb mother, my 4 siblings and i were taught that food was for good times & bad, for comfort, stress & celebrating & if it tasted yummy, then eat as much as you wanted until you were bursting…i spent my childhood & teen years always wishing i could be that thinner version of myself…as an adult i began exercising hard 5-6 days a week and practically starving myself & then binging weekly…. this was how i desperately kept my weight down over the years but NEVER getting off that last 10 lbs…i was even told by “another nutritionist” that this was it, the lowest my weight could get to “at my age”, i was around 40 years old then & 135lbs well, I’m 45 years old now and in the best shape of my life…thanks to Alyssa & her incredible knowledge & innate ability to understand each person’s “issues” and create a program that actually works for each individual… eating healthier AND much to my amazement in my case, MORE OFTEN!! a custom tailored plan that is easy to follow & filled with things i forbid myself of for years!!!! Alyssa’s tricks of the trade have changed my life & in 4 months i have not only “lost the last 10 pounds” but an extra 2 lbs on top of that…i feel better than i did at 25!”

“After completing the 14 Day Detox, my stomach ( gas bloating) totally went away! I lost 8 pounds which is great and I feel like I have more energy and didn’t have any bad headaches while I was cleansing.”
R. K. NJ

“I’ve been working with Alyssa for over 2 years now. She helped me pack on some major muscle and shed about 20 lbs before my wedding. She’s the “ish”. She spends a lot of time educating clients about macros/nutrient timing, what cravings mean, etc, rather than just giving them a food plan to follow. I can honestly say she’s changed the way I think about what I eat to make it a true lifestyle change rather than a diet.”
S. D. NJ

“Alyssa! Once again your system works- did a 3:30:14 — the rain was a bit of a killer- but felt great through the whole race and zero cramping !!! YOUR madness works :-) feeling great this morning and not too sore”
A. R. NJ

“Beth, I just wanted to share this email I received from my son’s teachers today. She said “Hunter has been doing a great job in class! He has been participating during reading and completing all of his work.” He is off to a good start this year. Yeah!!  I think the customized vitamins are really helping him be more alert. Thank you!”
C. F. NY

“Hi Beth, thought I’d drop in and give you an update. I am feeling a LOT better both mentally and physically. Each day I get progressively better: more clear-headed and less physical symptoms. I plan to stay on the yeast-free diet and then slowly add in low-glycemic fruits and low-sugar dairy. I am VERY happy that things are finally moving in a noticeably positive direction for me. Thank you for all your guidance, it has really made a difference!”
M. K. NY

Inna, sorry to send you these ugly pictures of my right arm but it really shows the change and improvement!  Attached are the pictures of my right arm one year ago and 5 months ago. I have not had one issue like this since July (on any body part), which is amazing and life changing. I am very very  thankful for your help!”
C. M. NJ

“Inna Topiler rocks. She is the best! I would HIGHLY recommend her. She is very knowledgeable but also super caring by nature. She is really one in a million. Lucky you if you are able to see her regularly. I really can’t say enough about her.”
Member of Hoboken Mom’s Group, NJ

“I am really excited about this whole journey through healing my body- I am even looking into nutrition certifications myself for an addition to my education once I graduate! Thank you for helping me Inna, if it weren’t for you there is NO WAY they would have taken me with those cysts on my face! I am looking forward to the continues success :) Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement! Very exciting!”
L. S. NJ

“Inna, I always feel like you put my entire life into perspective! And I am so grateful that I found out about you  – you are one of the people who have truly helped me change my life for the better!!”
S. W. NY

“Dear Inna, Let’s celebrate. No more osteoporosis, its been downgraded to osteopenia only!”
E. B. NJ

“Since doing the cleanse my acid reflux has decreased tremendously!!!  I am now Protonix free and use mylanta as needed.  I am following the diet you gave me.  I am using gluten free foods … Pasta, bread, etc … I would have terrible reflux after eating plain bowl of regular pasta.   I cannot thank you enough !!!!  Alyssa, you are amazing !!!”
D. M. NJ

“Lost 25 pounds and 13% body fat= Feeling Great :)
Went from running 1 mile to running a half matathon. Bought my first pair of pants in single digits- Size 8 :) Learned less food is not the answer- Better foods are!! Nothing tastes as  good as feeling healthy :) Thank you!”
P. K. Hoboken, NJ

“After years of failed diets, unresolved resolutions, and wasted time and money on weight loss efforts; I knew I needed help.  When I meet my nutritionist Alyssa Cellini at Complete Nutrition and Wellness, I knew I had found the right person to help me meet my weight loss goals. She spent a great deal of time getting to know me and understanding my very unpredictable schedule. She developed a detailed nutrition plan specific for me and incorporated it into my day to day life. This plan created results that were well beyond my expectations. In just 90 days, I lost 33 pounds and over 10% total body fat. I went from a size 14 to a size 8in three months!! Alyssa didn’t just help me lose weight; she gave me motivation, confidence, and a great deal of nutritional knowledge. I learned what to eat and why, how to maximize my workouts, and tips on what to buy at the grocery store. She empowered me with the knowledge I need to not just lose the weight, but to make healthy nutritional decisions for life. I am filled with energy, strength, and have finally rediscovered the body that I always knew I could have. Alyssa is an amazing professional who has personally changed my life forever. Thank you!!”.
S.F. Hoboken, NJ

“After going from doctor to doctor for the past 3 years, it was so refreshing to find someone who actually listens! Inna spend almost 2 hours with me in our first consultation and I was amazed at her attention and willingness to put all my symptoms together as well as her compassion. I have suffered from chronic digestive issues for years and was about to give up. I am so happy I now have new hope.”
T.C. Westchester, NY

“I now have zero heartburn, bloating or stuffy airways, since a few weeks after the ALCAT test. I like my new diet, I’ve lost 5 pounds without eating less, just eating the right stuff.  Inna did for me in a few weeks what over 10 doctors didn’t do over 10 years. Thank you so much!”
A.C.  NY, New York

“Inna has been an integral part of my health/wellness plan for the past several years.  She is truly passionate about what she does and truly cares about each individual client. I came to Inna for fatigue, not sleeping and weight gain.  The education in nutrition she gave me and continues to give me is priceless and has improved the quality of my life. Inna makes me feel like I am her only client with the attention she gives me and she remembers everything about my background. I recently reviewed with Inna lab results from my medical doctor and my medical doctor gave me little guidance on how to handle my high cholesterol and my low vitamin D level.  My medical doctor did not seemed to concerned for me and my numbers for my cholesterol and vitamin D were alarming.  Inna was very concerned and quickly put together a plan for me to get my numbers back on track.  Inna will always be part of my health/wellness plan and I am grateful for all her support.”
D.K. Chicago, IL

“Thank you for continuing to include me in you email newsletters…I wanted to email you to tell you how helpful it was for me to get your advice on nutrition…I did a consultation with you last august when I was in the middle of the worst Crohn’s disease episode I’d ever had…I followed most or all of your suggestions and things have cleared up for me (without recourse to any prescriptions either)…I have since added things back into my diet and things are going well…. I wanted to thank you!”
B.W. Manhattan, NY

“Inna, as you may remember, I visited you to work on my high cholesterol. I’m happy to report that my cholesterol went from 240 to 177! This was totally due to your nutrition advice. Thanks very much!”
J.R. Hoboken, NJ

“Inna, I am feeling soooooooo much better!! The changes in my diet alone started to take effect immediately and I have much more energy. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Add the vitamins and things are going great! I have already lost 5 pounds. That’s a pleasant bonus!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you working with me- thank you!!”
P.Z. Morris Town, NJ

“Hi Inna-just wanted to give you an update since we last talked…my acne is practically all gone…90% better…I almost cant believe it!!”
Y.L. Manhattan, NY

“I had just finished a 5 mile run and saw a great improvement in my time from last year. I really do believe a lot of this is from eating healthy. Thank you for all of your help.”
D.M. Hoboken, NJ

“More good news- I am almost fully off of that Cymbalta!”
J.J. Manhattan, NY

“AJ is doing fantastically! He is as if nothing had ever been wrong. He has regained 26 pounds and has resumed his normal teenage growth pattern. The CT scan we had a couple of weeks ago showed no and the abscess was completely healed. Thanks for the contribution you made to his getting well.”
F.M. Hoboken, NJ

“The copper is definitely helping my grey hair problems. Even my hairdresser remarked on it! Thank you!”
J.S. Manhattan, NY

“I have some good news for you I weighed myself on Saturday and I lost sixteen pounds. I went to my doctor yesterday for a check up and he took me off of the blood pressure pills.”
J.K. Bayonne, NJ

“I’ve been working w/Inna for 15 months now, after 2 years with another nutritionist. I came to her because I seemed to have plateaued with the other professional but still had a list of health complaints that I hoped were related to calibrating nutrients in my system. After our first meeting I knew I had found someone who understood my situation and was ready to help. Inna set a course for me that, at first, I was skeptical about: but she assured me that if I followed her guidance and worked closely with her, I could work past the issues and feel better. Within 3 months, I saw a major difference: more energy, improved skin tone, and the list goes on. I continue to work with her due to a chronic condition and my improvements are so notable that other people have asked for a referral to her. My general practitioner is even impressed with my progress and has indicated that I need to continue to work with Inna. If you feel that no one is listening, or the answers you get from the medical community don’t seem to resolve your issues, talk to Inna. She will help you find your path to improved health.”
L.Z. Jersey City, NJ

“Inna was able to look at my health history and piece things together in a way that no other doctor I’ve seen has been able to do. She was able to see the whole picture and help me get to the root of my health problems. It has been life-changing for me to know the root causes of my health problems and to understand how to be pro-active with my health. I have felt better in the last year than I have in ten years. I would highly recommend Inna’s services to anyone.”
J.G. Hoboken, NJ

“Contacting Complete Nutrition and Wellness has been the best decision I have ever made about my health. I was aware of the fact that I needed help in controlling my weight and changing my eating habits for a long time, but I didn’t know where to start. I’ve read numerous books and tried diets with no luck as I have never been a type counting number of crackers, slices of cheese or ounces of drinks. What I needed was the basic understanding of how everything works – what is good for me, and what is bad; and how they interact in my body. I’ve realized most of the “goods” I’ve known were actually “bads” for me. I learned how to read ingredient labels and choose the best products. I started learning about my body and never knew a simple hair test could give me so much valuable information about myself. This was exactly what I needed – seeing myself under a microscope and dealing with it like a math problem — black and white, based on my facts only.”
G.H. North Bergen, NJ

“Last year, I had complications from a surgery which caused recurring infections. I was on and off antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals for almost a year. As more time passed, I began struggling with unexplainable fatigue and had dropped to an unhealthy weight. None of my doctors were able to tell me what was wrong or offer useful suggestions. Some friends of mine who had been Inna’s clients recommended her to me. I made an appointment right away and Inna and I talked about adjustments that I could make to my diet along with some supplements that could rebalance my body and restore my health. The new diet was a big lifestyle change and educational process for me and my husband, and my body took a week or two to adjust to the new way of eating. But all the initial effort has been well worth it. Since beginning the program that Inna recommended, I have not had another infection and my energy has steadily increased with each week that has passed. We are both so grateful to have found her and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting to improve their health and quality of life.”
C.D. Morristown, NJ