PMS Relief Starter Kit

PMS symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, irritability, cramps and insomnia are caused by hormone fluctuations and imbalances. Our protocol helps to naturally get hormones into balance and can also help regulate the menstrual cycle.

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FemGuard+Balance - 120 capsules
GLA 240 mg - 60 softgels
Complete Food Guide to Health E-book

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Below is our favorite combinations of products and their intructions for PMS

Fem Guard + Balance aids the endocrine system in balancing female hormones and may reduce PMS, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. It promotes favorable and safe conversion of estrogen and ealthy detoxification and elimination of excess hormones.

GLA 240 supply gamma linolenic acid from the oil of borage seeds. GLA is essential for smooth and healthy skin and female hormonal balance.

Complete Food Guide to Health is Inna’s nutrition E-book which you can download immediately. In 25 information-filled pages, it will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the right foods for you and your family. You will learn not just what foods are best, but the reasons behind why you should consume them. There are no gimmics or fads as with other guides, just true facts and real suggestions. You will learn what to look for on labels and ingredient lists and how to assess a food for quality and nutrition without necessarily looking at calories and fat grams. Best of all, it is written in simple language and concise format which allows you to start implementing the suggestions immediately. This information will revolutionize the way you shop for food, create your meals and snacks and will help change your life

Instructions and Dosage

Fem Guard + Balance  Take 1 capsule twice per day morning and evening

GLA 240 - Take 1 softgel once per day with any meal

Eat a balanced diet as illustrated in the Complete Food Guide to health and drink plenty of water.

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Additional Info

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