Headache Relief Starter Kit

The nutrients in our headache relief starter kit support the muscles and nerves naturally both orally and topically. This can help relieve headaches and prevent onset of new ones. As a side bonus, these nutrients aid in relaxation and may also help with sleep and anxiety.

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Magnesium Topical Oil - 8 oz

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Magnesium Buffered Chelate - 120 capsules
NeuroMag - 90 Capsules
Complete Food Guide to Health E-book

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Below is our office protocol and instructions for Headache Relief
Buffered Magnesium  is an ultra absorbable form of chelated magnesium. Magnesium is the forth most abundant mineral in the body and essential for energy, stress management, muscle function, cardiovascular health and sleep. Magnesium deficiency is a common cause of headaches
Magnesium Topical Oil  is a trans-dermal magnesium supplement, designed to deliver magnesium directly through the skin. By bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, magnesium oil absorbs extremely quickly saturating cells and raising tissue magnesium levels much quicker than oral consumption. It can be used in high amounts without the possible negative effects on digestion that can come with oral magnesium supplementation.
NeuroMag features the unique, patented, chelated mineral Magtein, which is magnesium chelated to threonic acid (magnesium L-threonate). This ionophore has been found to be superior to other forms of magnesium at getting through the blood brain barrier as it is able to transport ions (in this case magnesium ions) across lipid membranes, including brain cells. 
These 3 differnet forms of magnesium help replete magnesium levels from all angles for the best saturation of cells.
Complete Food Guide to Health is Inna’s nutrition E-book which you can download immediately. In 25 information-filled pages, it will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the right foods for you and your family. You will learn not just what foods are best, but the reasons behind why you should consume them. There are no gimmics or fads as with other guides, just true facts and real suggestions. You will learn what to look for on labels and ingredient lists and how to assess a food for quality and nutrition without necessarily looking at calories and fat grams. Best of all, it is written in simple language and concise format which allows you to start implementing the suggestions immediately. This information will revolutionize the way you shop for food, create your meals and snacks and will help change your life

Instructions and Dosage

Buffered Magnesium - Take 1 capsule with lunch and 2 capsules with or after dinner
Magnesium Topical Oil - Apply 10-15 sprays to body in the evening. Can be rubbed into tight and sore muscles for extra relief
NeuroMag - Take 2 capsules at bedtime
Eat a balanced diet as illustrated in the Complete Food Guide to health and drink plenty of water.

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Additional Info

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