H. Pylori Eradication Starter Kit

H. Pylori is a bacteria that lives in the stomach and can contribute to reflux, GERD, ulcers and may even lead to stomach cancer. Below is our protocol for H. Pylori eradication without the use of harsh antibiotics.

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11 Strain Probiotic - 50 grams
GI Revive - 225 grams
Mastica - 120 capsules
Pyloricil, 60 capsules
Complete Food Guide to Health E-book

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Traditional approaches to H. Pylori rotate around heavy duty antibiotics and anti-acid medications. While these do show improvement, we often see H. Pylori return and more antibiotics are often needed. We found that the below proved herbs and extracts have a long track record of not only eradicating H. Pylori but also balancing the whole GI tract and microflora as well as aiding in healing irritation to help rebalance the digestive system and keep the bacteria from coming back.

Here is what we use in our office along with their intructions

Pyloricil  is a unique combination of botanicals used to help eradicate Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori) which is a bacteria that can cause reflux, GERD and even stomach cancer. Pyloricil is harsh on the bacteria but very gentle on the digestive system and actually helps to protect the stomach lining.  
Mastica has been used for centuries as a healing agent for the gastrointestinal tract and shows activity against Helicobacterpylori (H. Pylori), the bacteria associated with ulceration.
GI Revive is a convenient functional powder for intestinal healing. It promotes proper intestinal permeability, provides healing for ulceration and inflammation and aids in regularity.
11 Strain Probiotic is an extremely pure and potent probiotic powder with 11 high potency strains.  
Complete Food Guide to Health is Inna’s nutrition E-book which you can download immediately. In 25 information-filled pages, it will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the right foods for you and your family. You will learn not just what foods are best, but the reasons behind why you should consume them. There are no gimmics or fads as with other guides, just true facts and real suggestions. You will learn what to look for on labels and ingredient lists and how to assess a food for quality and nutrition without necessarily looking at calories and fat grams. Best of all, it is written in simple language and concise format which allows you to start implementing the suggestions immediately. This information will revolutionize the way you shop for food, create your meals and snacks and will help change your life

Instructions and Dosage

Pyloricil - Take 2 capsules twice per day (morning and evening) for 6-8 weeks
Mastica - Take 1 capsule per night for 6-8 weeks
GI Revive - Take 1 TBSP per day mixed in any shake or beverage for soothing and healing
11 Strain Probiotic - Take 1 adult scoop first thing in the morning or at bedtime away from food
Eat a balanced diet as illustrated in the Complete Food Guide to health and drink plenty of water.

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Additional Info

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