The Complete Advantage

As a clinical nutritionist I focus on prevention through wellness and know firsthand the power that a healthy diet and targeted nutrients can have on my patients’ health. I have also discovered how critical getting the right supplements is to the overall success of the program. It is essential that these supplements are of the highest quality, ensuring their safety, potency and bioavailability. After all, what is in the capsule only matters if it gets properly absorbed.

Because of this, my fellow nutritionists and I have done extensive research of the supplements available and have elected to use only a select number of professional brands. Unlike many other nutrition websites, we do not carry every supplement line or every product in each line. As professionals, we closely monitor our patients and use supplements therapeutically, so we require a higher standard of quality than what is often available at the local drug and health food stores.

Professional lines follow the strictest guidelines of high quality raw ingredients and regularly assay their products to confirm that what is on the label is exactly what is in the product. You would be shocked at how many companies don’t measure up in testing to what they claim is in their bottles.

The brands and products that we carry are the same professional products we use daily with our patients in the practice. They are hand selected from years of practice and testing and we know they show consistent results.

We also stay current on the latest research and information and continuously integrate these findings into the protocols and product line. You can feel confidant you are getting the highest quality products with unsurpassed purity and most of all with proven effectiveness.

When you purchase supplements from us, we hope you see us as more than an online shop and our relationship does not have to end with your order. We are a full service nutritional practice and thus are happy to answer your health questions and help you choose the product that is right for you. Because we are trained nutritionists you can feel assured the recommendations we are making are truly beneficial for your long term good health.

For the fastest reply to your questions, please email us and we will be happy to make professional recommendations. We promise to get back to you right away and you will never wait longer than 24 hours.



Inna Topiler and the Complete Nutrition and Wellness Team