Clear Way Cofactors

ClearWay Cofactors by QuickSilver Scientific is a proprietary mixture of high-potency polyphenolic antioxidant phytonutrients, R-Lipoid Acid, Kelp, and B Vitamins designed to support the body’s natural antioxidant and detoxification systems.

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The Clear Way Cleanse Cofactor Mix is designed to maximize metal detoxification pathways. This product is recommended when using the IMD-Intestinal Metal Detox, as it was created by Dr. Chris Shade specifically to help reduce any side effects from detoxification. It can also be used on its own as a gentle detox as well as immune support.

The polyphenolics and R-Lipoic Acid have been shown to upregulate the detoxification systems of the body, especially the glutathione system. The glutathione system contains multiple molecules and enzymes that function to quench oxidative stress, repair damaged proteins, and detoxify and remove endogenous (internally created) and exogenous (externally acquired) toxins.

The only way to truly increase the functioning of the system is to stimulate the production of the system components from within the cells. Polyphenolic antioxidants, such as epicatechin found in pine bark extract and green tea extract, have shown tremendous efficacy in doing this, creating both anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic activity and passing through the blood-brain barrier.

This formula also provides 200mg selenomethionine, 475mcg organic iodine and 20mg of Lumbrokinase, a powerful fibrinolytic enzyme that degrades intestinal biofilms to help release stubborn yeast  and bolsters circulation.



Vitamin B1                     100mg

Vitamin B6                    125 mg

Vitamin B5                    100 mg

Selenomethionine      200 mcg

Proprietary Blend       1305 mg

Haritaki (Terminalla chebula) extract, Dandelion root extract, R-Lipoic Acid, Pine bark extract, Gotu Kola extract, Bacopa monniera extract, Bladderwrack extract, Nattokinase (20,000 fu/gm), Quercetin dehydrate.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Variant 1
Recommended Use

3 caps per day. Start with 1 cap and increase dosage gradually. Advanced doses of 6-9 caps per day can be used for short periods of time. Best taken on an empty stomach. If stomach becomes upset, take with meals. Take at least 15-20 minutes away from the IMD.

Not to be used by infants, pregnant or nursing women.
Serving Size 3 Capsules
Storage Instructions Store in a cool, dry place
Additional Notes These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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