Sports Nutrition

There is no goal that is too small or too large! Our athletic performance specialist Alyssa Cellini works with all types of athletes ranging from high school to the professional level. Whether the goal is to put on size, get the athletic physique you’ve been working towards or improve time and performance for endurance sports, nutrition plays a huge role.

Our athletic performance program will provide you with an ultra customized food and supplement plan to optimize your performance.

Rode today- 75 miles- the same hilly (7000 feet of climbs) route as Sunday but 22 minutes quicker.  Your program works – thanks once again for everything!

In the initial visit you will sit down with Alyssa to review a very detailed health history, take measurements and go over an extensive questionnaire so Alyssa can learn as much information about your health history and sports goals as possible. She will measure weight, body fat, muscle, water and other metrics with our highly sophisticated body composition machine – BIA to create a baseline from which to track all of your progress through the program.

In less than 2 months I have ran my fastest marathons. Today I finished in 4:54, my 10th marathon. Now five of my marathons are under 5 hours.

Using the information gathered throughout your preliminary work-up, Alyssa will develop a meal plan with not only specific foods, but the exact timing of these foods best suited for you based on your individual body composition and athletic goals. At this time, she may also recommend blood work and any other necessary assessments to make sure your body is at its best.

I followed exactly what you told me to do with my nutrition plan and had a PR by 10 minutes!!!!

Athlete consultations go way beyond food pyramid education. The focus is based on customizing exact carbohydrate, protein and fat gram ratios and specific vitamin and mineral needs based on your specific body composition, blood work results and symptoms.

You will learn:

  1. Fuel enhancement (for training as well as for the actual event)
  2. Nutrient timing
  3. Individual caloric requirements and how to meet them
  4. Pre and post workout necessities
  5. Keys to proper muscle building
  6. Recovery and injury prevention tools


After properly fueling your body, you will see:

  1. Improved times (for endurance athletes)
  2. More energy throughout the day
  3. More muscle mass
  4. Better digestion
  5. Better recovery (less aches and pains)
  6. Less bruising
  7. Regulated menstrual cycle (for female athletes)
  8. Less upper respiratory infections (very common with overtraining)
I finished the race today in 6:03 hrs. The last time I did this finished in 6:25… So you guessed it… I PR’d today!!!

The body is a highly intelligent machine which is controlled by energy systems and pathways that act as a domino effect. The more you work this “machine”, the more care should be given to make sure all parts are working efficiently. It’s not as simple as just calories in and calories out which is why we specialize in looking at your whole body to make a unique plan specifically for you.

Areas of Specialty include:

  • Swimming (Nationally ranked High school and College)
  • Track and Field (High school and College)
  • Football (High school, College and NFL)
  • Marathon runners
  • Professional Triathletes
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Crew (High school and College)
  • Dance (Ballet)