Fertility and Prenatal Care


It is estimated that infertility affects up to 30% of women. While modern medicine has come a long way with fertility treatments and now allows for some amazing things, many of the treatments are quite harsh and invasive and do not get to the root cause of the fertility issue.

In our practice, we have found that there are many variables that affect fertility such as misdiagnosed sub-clinical hypothyirodism, free radicals,  food sensitivities, hormone imbalances which are often missed through traditional tests and various toxins and deficiencies. When your body is out of balance and in a fight of flight state, getting pregnant is naturally put on the back burner as the body tries to get itself in balance. Using our cutting-edge testing, we are able to find all the areas of imbalance and correct it so that your body can get back to normal function in order to facilitate conception.  Because every person is different, there is no one size fits all for fertility and we address each case completely individually. Using our individual approach yields great results,  even with those who have had multiple failed IVF treatments as well as women over 40.

Pre-Conception Care

Getting the body in balance is also essential in maintaining a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be passed to your baby and will affect everything from immunity to behavior. Prenatal vitamins are a great way to get started but most women need more specific care. Prenatal vitamins are multi vitamins which means that there is a very small amount of each nutrient all in one pill. Most women however are not the same and thus need different levels of each nutrient depending on their body. For example, some may be very low in potassium and have normal calcium so a multi with just a little of everything will not help because there would not be enough potassium to replenish their very low level and the calcium would add to their normal level raising it unnecessarily. A Hair Analysis is a great way to see all the nutrient levels and find out exactly what the body needs.

Furthermore, we accumulate many toxins from our everyday lives such as heavy metals like mercury and aluminum. These metals can very easily pass to the growing fetus which has no way to fight against them. A Hair Analysis can also test for these metals and if any are found, metal specific cleansing would be necessary to aid in their excretion before conception.

Preconception care consists of looking at the whole body and bringing it back to balance by making necessary improvements in digestion, endocrine system like thyroid and adrenal glands, nutrient saturation and detoxification. These changes will minimize morning sickness, ensure a healthier overall pregnancy and prevent the baby from acquiring the mother’s imbalances thus creating better immunity and future health.

During Pregnancy

Once you are pregnant it is very important to stop all cleansing and concentrate on feeding the body the best food and nutrients to sustain both you and the baby. We find that most OB’s do not take the time to educate their patients on what is important during pregnancy and for that reason she will educate you on the best nutrients and foods to include as well as exclude to assure a healthy pregnancy. Furthermore, it is very important to take the highest quality prenatal vitamins. Unfortunately, not all brands measure up. Read the full article about problems with conventional prenatals.

After Giving Birth

Most moms will agree that after the baby is born, it is all about the child. However the mother has to be in the best health possible so that she can look after that child. Pregnancy is a huge burden on the body and can very rapidly deplete nutrients, cause hormone imbalances and of course the extra baby weight. Moms are so busy breastfeeding and caring for the baby, they rarely have time to themselves but moms, your health is just as important. Testing is integral in figuring out exactly which nutrients you need to get balanced and replete what the baby has used up during pregnancy. This will raise energy levels, help eliminate the baby weight and prevent future diseases that can arise from long term nutrient imbalances.

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