Omega Avail Fish Oils Are Back!

We are excited to report that the Omega Avail Ultra (our number one selling fish oil) is back in stock after what seems like forever on back-order. If you had purchased or requested it in the last few weeks, all orders went out on Monday and you should be receiving them this week. We apologize for this long wait and are glad to finally have them back. While we know how frustrating it is not to have an item that you need, please be assured that when things are on back-order from any of our vendors, it is because they are triple testing everything for absolute purity and stability.

Designs for Health has extremely strict quality controls and tests all the raw materials that come in from their vendors before using anything in their formulations. If there is even a slight issue, they send it back to the vendor and wait for a new shipment. The extra time that this takes is the reason that products are sometimes put on back-order. While waiting can be annoying, this process really helps insure and protect the purity and freshness of the final product so you and your families are getting the very best in every single batch. We are really proud to carry products from companies that do not take shortcuts and will do everything possible to protect the integrity of the product even if it is not always best for their financial interest.