Confused about Multivitamins?

We often hear from our patients and clients with questions about multivitamins. Which ones should I take? Which are best? What is the difference between all the ones on the market?

While this is not always the easiest question to answer in short, we would like to give you a little more information about what to look for. First off, you need to know that not all multi vitamins are created equal. Drug store brands may seem complete, but when looking further at their ingredients, they are far from that. In addition, those brands contain fillers, thickeners and additives that are not good for your health.  We recommend reading all the ingredients carefully and paying attention to not just the active, but also the inactive ingredients. You will be shocked to find that many of the popular drugstore brands can actually contain as many as 5 artificial colorings, trans fats and even aluminum yikes! You may have heard the recent media frenzy about potential negative effects of vitamins and one of the reason for some of these wacky results are just this, bad ingredients that are harmful to your health in poor quality vitamins. You can also read more about this issue by clicking here.

One of the most critical things that you can do to improve your health is to ensure that you are obtaining a needed amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients on a daily basis.  Because our soils are depleted and our food is more processed, it is extremely hard to get everything you need from our everyday diet and that is where a multivitamin can come to the rescue. Health food store and professional brand multi-vitamins are the best choices because they contain potent and natural ingredients with no fillers or artificial chemicals so you can be assured that you are taking something every day that will actually help your overall health.

We carry several of the best multivitamins to appeal to the needs of our various clientele. Twice Daily Multi is one of our most popular multivitamins and contains a high amount of energizing B vitamins as well important minerals and extracts with just 2 pills per day. Our DFH Complete MultiPrenatal Pro and Metabolic Synergy are the most complete with extra calcium and magnesium, iron and blood supporting nutrients. Calcium and magnesium are fairly bulky in nature and it is impossible to fit enough of them into one pill along with all the other nutrients. For this reason, the above 3 multivitamins are dosed at 6 pills per day. You can take 3 with breakfast and 3 with dinner or 2 pills with each of your three meals. If you are not used to taking vitamins, 6 pills per day may sound like a lot, however please be assured that if you find a multi-vitamin that is a one-per-day, there is no possible way it will contain all of these necessary ingredients. Furthermore, your body can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients at one time which is why taking something twice or even three times per day if possible will allow you to get more from your multivitamin. If you take something that has a large dose in one, you may not be getting all the benefits from your multi.

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