Fatigue is a multi-faceted issue and stems from a combination of factors. Our approach is to address each possible area to create even energy naturally without any harsh stimulants. We find that the below factors all play a role in fatigue.

Improper Diet and Blood Sugar Problems
In your personal consultation, we will teach you how to eat correctly for energy and ensure balanced blood sugar.

Nutrient Deficiencies
We will use comprehensive tests such as a Hair AnalysisComprehensive Blood work Analysis and Organic Acid Testing to look for hidden nutrient deficiencies and fix them with a customized regimen made specifically for you.

Heavy Metals and Other Toxins
Toxins can drain your energy by burdening the liver and slowing energy pathways. Our detox program is a great way to purify your body and increase your energy. If needed, we can also customize a cleansing protocol to address specific toxins found in your test results.

Endocrine Disturbances
Adrenal and thyroid glands work very closely together to control energy and they are affected by various factors including stress. We use the Adrenal Function Profile to identify how cortisol levels are affecting your glandular function.

We are committed to improving your energy. For the most comprehensive support, please contact us today to set up your personal consultation.

Not able to do a consultation? Here is what you can try right now on your own.

We offer complimentary product suggestions E books and instructions.  Please check out our Fatigue Relief Starter Kit