Diet along with exercise plays a major role in cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol and do not want to start taking medication or perhaps you are already on medication and would like to eventually get off,  we have several options available to help you.

For the most comprehensive support, please contact us today to set up your personal consultation.  We will first explore your diet in detail. Then, through a combination of a comprehensive blood work analysis, hair analysis and/or organic acid testing we will look at nutrient status and toxic burden to find the underlying causes of your cholesterol problems.

If you are on a Statin medication and are not taking CoQ10, you are at risk, please read below!

Cholesterol medications not only shut down the production of cholesterol, but also the production of CoQ10, an extremely important antioxidant that is essential to the proper function of all muscles (remember the heart is a muscle) and energy production. This is an extremely important point.  Lowering cholesterol this way may seem to protect again some heart disease but promotes a different type of heart disease at an even higher rate due to the depression of CoQ10.  If you are on cholesterol medications and not taking a CoQ10 supplement, it is imperative that you start right away, especially if you experience any kind of muscle pain or weakness which is a sign of CoQ10 depletion. There are various CoQ10 supplements on the market and as you can probably guess, not all are created equal due to quality and absorption rates. Ubiquinol is the most potent and highly absorbable form of CoQ10.  It tends to run a few dollars more than its counterparts, but you will require a lower dosage and it will equal out in price in the long term. We recommend 1 gelcap (100mg) per day to prevent depletion, promote cardiovascular wellness and prevent statin side effects.

Also keep in mind that while too much cholesterol is dangerous, too little is not safe either.  To learn more please read our cholesterol article.

Not able to do a consultation? Here is what you can try right now on your own.

We offer complimentary product suggestions and instructions.  Please check out our Cholesterol Lowering Starter Kit