Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune diseases occur when you body starts to attack your own organs or systems. There are hundreds of known disorders and probably many more not yet named. Many of these conditions do not have cures and modern medicine typically uses various immune suppressing drugs to try and minimize symptoms.

While these are very complicated and involve many systems in the body, we find that various factors can contribute to the start of the disorder and we work on identifying and subsequently fixing each one. Once the body is working efficiently, many patients experience drastic improvements in their symptoms. Below are the areas that we focus on.

Food Reactions
Diet is a major part of controlling and eliminating autoimmune problems.
Certain foods can create inflammation and unfortunately vary from person to person. For this reason we use Food Sensitivity/Allergy testing to identify the culprits for each patient. Please also check out our recent article explaining the connection of autoimmune diseases and certain foods in detail here.

Toxic Burden
Toxins and specifically metals such as mercury, lead and copper can greatly affect the nervous system, liver and various glandular functions. We routinely test for toxins and customize an appropriate cleanse for each patient based on their results. We can also use our general 3 week  Detox Program to get started.

Digestive Imbalances
Digestive imbalances are another underlying cause. A digestive panel is our go to test to see if microbial imbalances and fungal overgrowth in the intestines is contributing to your autoimmune problems.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
We will use comprehensive tests such as a hair analysis and metabolic profile to look for hidden nutrient deficiencies which can be an underlying cause of autoimmune problems. We then work on fixing them with a customized regimen made specifically for you.

Oxidative stress
New research shows that excessive free radicals and/or antioxidant deficiency can promote an autoimmune attack. We often use the DNA damage section of the metabolic profile to find out if free radicals are creating a problem and then supplement with appropriate foods and antioxidants. To learn more about the new and exciting research on oxidative stress and its connection to autoimmune problems, please read our autoimmune article.

Hormone Imbalances
Sudden hormone changes such as pre/post pregnancy or menopause can shift the immune system into an overactive mode. We use the Hormone Analysis to check hormone levels which can then be naturally corrected.

As you can see autoimmune conditions tend to be more complex, however when each of the above items is addressed and fixed, we can see great results.

For the most comprehensive support for your autoimmune problems, please contact us today to set up your personal consultation.