Arthritis is an inflammatory condition. The traditional approach is to use medications for pain and stiffness, but overtime, they can be harsh on your system and do little for actual joint healing.

Our approach is to get to the root cause by addressing every factor related to arthritis.

Here is how we can help in a consultation

Diet is a major part of controlling and eliminating arthritis pain. Certain foods can create inflammation and unfortunately vary from person to person. For this reason we use Food Sensitivity/Allergy testing to identify the culprits for each patient.

Digestive Imbalances
Digestive imbalance is another underlying cause and various studies show specific microbes in the gut can create inflammation. A digestive panel is our go to test to see if microbial imbalances in the intestines are contributing to your pain and inflammation.

Mineral Imbalances
Mineral deficiencies and excesses can also affect arthritis. We utilize the Hair Analysis to find these problems and fix them with a customized regimen made specifically for you.

For the most comprehensive support, please contact us today to set up your personal consultation.

Not able to do a consultation? Here is what you can try right now on your own

We offer complimentary product suggestions and instructions.  Please try our Aches and Pain/Arthritis Protocol.