Are you absorbing your vitamin D supplements?


Many of us are now aware of the importance of vitamin D for your health. Vitamin D benefits include a better immune system, reduced inflammation and cancer prevention just to name a few.

Vitamin D is absorbed from the sun, thus for those here on the east coast, supplementation is often necessary in the winter months. Researchers have found however, that those with digestive issues such as Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, Celiac Disease and IBS have a distinct difficulty absorbing fat soluble vitamins, including vitamin D. These people therefore, tend to be very prone to vitamin D deficiency.

To counteract this problem, I have been using an emulsified, liquid form of vitamin D called Emulsi-D3 to significantly improve absorption. This product has shown to quickly elevate vitamin D levels and is perfect for anyone with compromised digestion or blood levels of less than 30 ml/dl.

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