About Us

Inna Topiler – MS, CNS

Inna Topiler Mooney is a certified clinical nutritionist practicing a functional medicine approach to health. She holds a master’s degree in Human Nutrition and is certified with the ACN, CBNS and AADP.

She is the Founder of Complete Nutrition and Wellness – an integrative nutrition practice – and the host of Health Mysteries Solved Podcast. Inna is also the Co-Founder of Pregnaceuticals, a prenatal nutrition line and the Co-Founder of My Custom Cleanse. Inna did not originally start out in the wellness field though, but was guided here by her journey.

As a little girl, she remembers always being sick and not feeling well. By 20, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, suffered from several digestive disorders, had major skin issues and was chronically exhausted. With all those issues though, doctors were not able to tell her where they came from or offer many treatments aside from heavy duty medications.
She did not want to commit to a lifetime of drugs only to treat her symptoms. After many stops to a myriad of specialists (who by the way never talked to each other) and several years of frustration and feeling like she was not any closer to discovering answers, she found a clinical nutritionist and a functional medicine practitioner that helped her figure out the root causes of her issues and how they were all interrelated. She learned she had major mercury toxicity (she has 16 amalgams and was vaccinated twice after moving to America at the age of 9), her adrenals were shot, her thyroid was not supported properly, she had parasites and candida, she was sensitive to gluten and dairy and had a multitude of vitamin and mineral deficiencies all leading to the health ailments she was experiencing.
She embarked on the journey to balance her body now finally understanding and feeling ecstatic about where the problems originated. Changing her diet and addressing her many biochemical imbalances allowed her body to actual heal and resume proper functioning. Through various natural treatments and protocols, she watched her mercury levels drop and toxic burden reduce. Through proper cleansing and support, she overcame chronic Candida and parasitic infections which eliminated her IBS and persistent acne and with everything coming in balance, her thyroid improved and her thyroid antibodies which indicated Hashimoto’s dropped 10-fold.
She was so impacted by her recovery that she changed her career.  After her original business degree, Inna completed a master’s program in human nutrition at the University of Bridgeport and went on to complete a food based program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She got certified as a nutrition specialist by the American College of Nutrition and constantly maintains her degree with various courses to stay current with the newest research and continually expands her knowledge.
Since starting her practice in 2006, she has helped thousands of patients get to the root of their underlying health issues and reclaim their health.  Inna has been featured in various publications such as Fitness, Elle and the New York Times and is often referred by various medical doctors who seek her help. She is sought after not only in New York but also nationally and internationally. With the ease of phone consultations, Inna works with patients all over the globe.


Alyssa Cellini – Nutritionist


Alyssa Cellini is the head of our revolutionary weight loss program. Alyssa received her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Nutrition from Ohio State University and comes to us from a successful private practice in Red Bank, NJ. Alyssa has also worked as a nutritionist at Riverview Medical Hospital, where she educated patients on future prevention and created nutrition plans based on their ailments. She has a strong background in science from her preparation for medical school throughout her undergraduate studies, which makes her specific passion for the science of weight loss and diabetes prevention a perfect fit for nutrition consulting. Alyssa’s invaluable tips for grocery shopping stem from her knowledge in food composition expertise she obtained while working with the Research & Development team at a national food company.

Alyssa enjoys breaking down complex scientific explanations into simple conventional terms. She equates her clients’ success to understanding not only what to eat, but also why they are eating at a given time. Alyssa has helped hundreds of patients lose weight and keep it off with her tailored specifications for each individual, detailed analyses and remarkable coaching.

Alyssa is FirstLine Therapy certified, ServSafe certified and actively attends seminars regarding the latest research in nutritional weight loss science.

Elizabeth Mosher, MS, CNS

Elizabeth Mosher, MS

Beth has been studying nutrition and how it relates to health and human development for over a decade.  When her eldest son was suffering from developmental delays, she discovered through elimination diet, an extraordinary relationship between diet and his development.  Through healing dysbiosis (digestive imbalance), establishing a healthy diet, avoiding food sensitivities, and orthomolecular support, her son’s life took a new direction of healthy growth and development.

After this life changing course of events, she was very intrigued and set out to learn as much as she could about nutrition.  Beth went back to school and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Bridgeport with a Master’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition.  As a nutrition counselor, Beth provides clients with the information they need to take charge of their health.  She strongly believes that health and wellness are achieved through an understanding that we are each biochemically unique and that our personality, life style habits, and desire for change all play integral parts in finding a personal recipe for health.

Beth uses education, science-based analysis, individualized supplementation recommendations as well as coaching to help clients achieve their goals.

Lisa Hansen, Plant Based Nutritionist

Lisa has been an integral part of the Complete Nutrition and Wellness family for many years.

A huge nature and animal lover, Lisa went vegetarian at the age of 13.  Like many people at the start of a vegetarian journey, this simply meant replacing animal products and with processed foods, fake meats and dairy.  The results were years of IBS, anxiety, depression, OCD, an eating disorder, PCOS, weight gain and hormone imbalance.  Years later she had a major dental procedure in which 22 silver fillings were removed at once. She became very ill and the treatment prescribed was anti-anxiety medicine, painkillers and antibiotics. Shortly after, she had multiple foot surgeries addressed with a similar protocol. This resulted in a systematic candida infection, weight gain, leaky gut, histamine reactions, sulfur sensitives, foggy head, detoxification issues, dermatitis, and more.

Determined to use her passion for homeopathic remedies and nutrition to heal, she did a lot of research and experimenting in an effort to restore her health. This set her on a path into the field of nutrition and she joined our team at Complete Nutrition and Wellness. There she could learn more while assisting others who were experiencing similar issues to find the hope, compassion and help they so desperately needed and deserved.

Through functional testing we found answers to her remaining symptoms.  She implemented changes and adopted a plant-based diet and saw firsthand the significant differences it made to her health and well-being.  To help others do the same, she earned her certification in Holistic Nutrition with a focus on Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition.  She is dedicated to helping others transition into a healthier vegan, vegetarian or plant-based diet – the right way.   She also helps those simply looking for guidance on how to eat clean and/or how to incorporate more delicious plant-based meals into their life.

She is certified in whole food plant-based cooking and loves teaching others how to plan ahead and make easy yet delicious recipes everyone will love!