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Stress is one of the most severe and devastating strains on your health. Constant stress can turn thousands of chemical pathways in your body upside down and cause normal bodily functions like converting food to energy and absorbing nutrients to become less effective or even completely shut off. We offer a variety of vitamins, minerals and combination herbal formulas to help your body deal with the burdens of both acute and chronic stress and support the adrenal glands.

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  1. 5HTP Synergy 90 Caps

    5HTP Synergy 90 Caps


    5HTP Synergy is used to replete serotonin naturally by using its precursor. Learn More
  2. AdreCor 60 capsules

    AdreCor 60 capsules


    AdreCor supports adrenal function and the synthesis of the adrenal neurotransmitters, epinephrine and norepinephrine , with a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients for stress and fatigue. Learn More
  3. Adren-All 60

    Adren-All 60


    Adren-All provides the vitamins and nutrients necessary to support the health of the adrenals. Learn More
  4. Adrene-Vive 60

    Adrene-Vive 60


    Adrene-Vive s formulated to help support the adrenal gland and reduce cortisol levels for those with acute adrenal stress, while helping with energy. Learn More
  5. Adrenotone Plus 90 vegetarian caps

    Adrenotone Plus 90 vegetarian caps


    Adrenotone Plus is an all-in-one adrenal support product for dealing with chronic stress and energy problems Learn More
  6. B-Supreme 60 Caps

    B-Supreme 60 Caps


    B-Supreme is a high potency B vitamin combination formula Learn More
  7. Magnesium Glycinate Chelate 120 capsules

    Buffered Magnesium - 120 capsules (Formerly known as Magnesium Glycinate Chelate- this is the same one)


    Magnesium Glycinate is an ultra absorbable form of chelated magnesium. Magnesium is the forth most abundant mineral in the body and essential for energy, stress management, muscle function, cardiovascular health and sleep. Learn More
  8. Calm PRT 60

    Calm PRT 60


    Calm PRT is a great natural alternative for, anxiousness, restlessness and stress. It works by decreasing elevated Cortisol (stress hormone), Norepinephrine, and Epinephrine and effects are felt immediately. Learn More
  9. CatecholaCalm 90 ct

    CatecholaCalm 90 ct


    CathecholaCalm is a unique formulation specially designed for the ever-increasing number of "burned-out" anxious patients. Learn More
  10. End Fatigue Daily Energy

    End Fatigue Daily Energy


    Would you like to increase your vitality? If you experience lack of energy, restless sleep and brain fog, End Fatigue gives you the power to rise above it! Learn More
  11. GABA 1.7 oz liquid pump bottle

    GABA 1.7 oz liquid pump bottle


    Liquid GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) by Quicksilver Scientific is an extremely absorbable form of GABA. It has a calming effect which makes is great for stress, anxiety, restlessness and sleep. It is antigonistic to glutamate and used to aid in GABA to Glutamate balance. It is also great in helping dampen detox reactions while cleansing.

    Learn More
  12. MyoSedate 120 vegetarian capsules

    MyoSedate 120 vegetarian capsules


    MyoSedate is designed to help maintain calm and relaxed muscles even during times of stress. A blend of quality herbs and minerals has been combined in order to promote relaxation and provide a sedative effect without causing drowsiness. It also serves as a sleep aid and general relaxant without causing sleep hangover and reduces generalized anxiety symptoms. Learn More
  13. NeuroCalm™ 60 Capsules

    NeuroCalm™ 60 Capsules


    A formulary blend of nutrients designed to support calming brain activity. NeuroCalm™ promotes activity of GABA and serotonin which may help improve mood, reduce cravings, and support greater feelings of calm, satiety, and satisfaction.

    Learn More
  14. PS 150 Phosphatidylserine 150mg 60 capsules

    PS 150 Phosphatidylserine 150mg 60 capsules


    Phosphatidyl serine (PS) is a nutrient essential for optimal brain a function. It helps improve mental focus and memory and may slow down age related cognitive decline. It also shows benefits for stress and elevated cortisol levels. Learn More
  15. StressArrest 90 Capsules

    StressArrest 90 Capsules


    StressArrest is a synergistic formula with a high therapeutic potential of 300mg of GABA along with various calming nutrients which delivers comprehensive support for stress and anxiety related conditions. Learn More
  16. Ultra Par 180cap

    Ultra Par 180cap


    Ultra Par is a custom multi vitamin without calcium and copper along with adrenal support for proper mineral balance, metabolism and energy. Learn More

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