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Recommended Protocols

We created this section to help you get the right combination of products for your specific concern. We understand that not everyone is able to come in for an individual evaluation where a customized nutritional protocol would be created so we would like to guide you if you are embarking on a journey to good health by yourself.

We want you to see us as more than just a place where you purchase supplements because we are here to actually make a difference in your health. The brands and products that we carry are the same professional products we use daily with our patients in the practice. They are hand selected and combined from years of practice and testing and show consistent results. You can feel confidant you are getting the highest quality products with unsurpassed purity and most of all with proven effectiveness. Still have questions? Please email us and we are happy to provide complimentary support in choosing the right products for you.

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  1. Gas and Bloating

    Gas and Bloating

    Starting at: $0.00

    Our gas and bloating protocol focuses on addressing its underlying causes such as improper digestion and possible food sensitivities. Learn More
  2. Reflux (GERD)

    Reflux (GERD)

    Starting at: $12.00

    Our Acid Reflux protocol is designed to relieve pain and burning while healing the esophagus and stomach. Traditional anti-acids are helpful short-term, but can severely deplete acid and compromise digestion in the long-term. Our products are designed to alleviate the discomfort and actually aid in digestion with absolutely no side effects. Learn More

Showing 2 of 2 Results

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