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High Cholesterol/Hyperlipedemia

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Our cholesterol protocol is designed to lower cholesterol naturally but also help decrease inflammation to promote better cardiovascular health at the same time.
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High Cholesterol/Hyperlipedemia

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Hyperlipidemia is a condition where there is an elevation of lipids, or fats, in the blood. This could be due to an increase in triglycerides, cholesterol, or both. LDL cholesterol levels above 100, HDL levels below 45 and triglyceride levels above 150 are all considered risk factors for health disease.

Cholesterol medications are a 100 billion dollar industry but synthetically lowering cholesterol with a drug does not always protect your against heart disease because the  drug does not work on the underlying inflammation. Our cholesterol protocol is designed to lower cholesterol naturally but also help decrease inflammation to promote better cardiovascular health at the same time.

Complete Food Guide to Health is Inna’s nutrition E-book which you can download immediately. In 25 information-filled pages, it will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the right foods for you and your family. You will learn not just what foods are best, but the reasons behind why you should consume them. There are no gimmics or fads as with other guides, just true facts and real suggestions. You will learn what to look for on labels and ingredient lists and how to assess a food for quality and nutrition without necessarily looking at calories and fat grams. Best of all, it is written in simple language and concise format which allows you to start implementing the suggestions immediately. This information will revolutionize the way you shop for food, create your meals and snacks and will help change your life.

Foresterol contains Reducol®, a phytosterol mixture from the non-GMO tall oil of the coniferous pine tree. Reducol has such significant LDL cholesterol lowering properties that the FDA allows cholesterol lowering claims with the assertion that it may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. 

OmegAvail Ultra TG 1000 is ultra pure and potent omega 3 oil, featuring the TruTG (True Triglyceride) fish oil in the same form as found in nature. Great care has been taken in selection of raw materials, and extensive purification is utilized to make sure it is free of contamination by environmental pollutants. It is processed without solvents and is completely free of chemicals such as hexane. Third party testing also guarantees that it is free of pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, and heavy metals including mercury. This truly potent oil is very anti-inflammatory and how powerful lipid lowering properties.   

Annato Tocotrienols is a tocopherol-free formula, making it extremely potent and unique. High tocotrienols are shown to lower plasma cholesterol and oxidative indicators in numerous human studies.

RYR Synergy is a natural alternative for lipid management featuring USDA certified organic red yeast rice with added coenzyme Q10. It is perfect for patients with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides and for those with familial over-production of cholesterol via the liver. This product reduces cholesterol synthesis by suppressing the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme. Because CoQ10 is synthesized in the body via this same pathway, it is added to the product to keep maintain abundant levels of this potent antioxidant.

We recommend:

Balance your meals and reduce sugar with our complete guide to health E-book and drink at least 8 glasses of pure water per day.

  • Foresterol: 1 tablet with each meal
  • OmegAvail Ultra TG: 2 soft gels once per day with any meal
  • Annato Tocotrienols: 1 capsule with dinner and ideally away from other vitamin E products

If you have a family history of elevated cholesterol we also recommend adding

  • RYR Synergy: 2 capsules in the evening around bedtime

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