Weight Loss Challenges

Weight Loss Challenges

At Complete Nutrition and Wellness, we pride ourselves and credit our success to tailoring specific programs for every person. Using everything we learned from individual consulting over the years, we have created a method of using a personalized analysis while in a group setting.
We host weight loss challenges for groups of 12 + individuals, directly at your location. Now you can lose weight and feel great with your very own custom plan delivered to your office!

Save time and money!

  • No need to travel for an appointment
  • Extremely affordable group rates without compromising results
  • Rates decrease even further with more participants

What makes us so unique?

  • We track your body fat, rather than simple scale weight which discourages low calorie dieting and non-sustainable weight loss
  • We will teach you about your individual body type and what that means regarding your food choices
  • We will create a food plan based on your symptoms and health concerns

With our program, staying healthy at work has never been easier

  • Less junk food in the office means less temptation
  • Benefits of team work promotes efficiency and may even get you home earlier
  • Friendly competition serves as a motivator

Creating a space where people are happier and healthier leads to a greater sense of confidence and loyalty. With that will come a jump in creativity, productivity, innovation, dedication and, communication. Happier people are energized and excited and consequently much more productive.

A study conducted by JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) found that group weight loss averaged losing 3 times more weight than an individual doing it alone.

Contact our Corporate Challenge team leader Jackie Arnett for information and to set up your group challenge! We are excited to get you started!
The challenge consists of 3 groups talks where nutritionist and weight loss expert, Alyssa Cellini, will educate you on everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off successfully.

We bring a very sophisticated machine called a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer) to accurately measure each individual’s body composition for fat %, muscle, water and BMI. These results will allow us to customize a plan for each of you, set appropriate goals, and track progress throughout the challenge. At the end of the challenge, each contestant is re-measured to determine a winner.

Challenge Details

Participants will fill out our symptom and lifestyle questionnaires and bring them to the first meeting.

Meeting 1 (Let’s get started)

  • 90 minute group talk by nutritionist and weight loss specialist, Alyssa Cellini. The talk will focus on the difference between fat loss and weight loss, the keys to eating for fat loss and choosing the best meals and snacks
  • Baseline measurements and analysis will be performed and each participant will receive a custom folder, which will include:

  1. Initial BIA reading
  2. Detailed composition analysis with suggested goals for your weight, body fat percent and muscle
  3. Customized food program giving each contestant the best chance to succeed
  4. Food tips, meal ideas and recipe alteration strategies

Meeting 2 (Midway point)

  • We return for a second talk focusing on quantity/portions, keys to meal timing, combinations that work, exercise, additional food suggestions, recipes and a question and answer series
  • Optional body composition analysis will also be available

Meeting 3 (Finale)

  • 60 minute final talk on maintaining your weight loss, what to do in social situations and how to make up for “cheat” meals and staying on track
  • Final measurements and body composition will be performed to determine the winner

Access to a professional anytime

Your nutritionist is just a click away! To help you stick to your plan and keep you motivated between group meetings, each challenge group will have access to their own chat forum hosted by our Nutritionist, Jackie Arnett. The forum will serve as a gateway for any questions you may have about your plan as well as recipe tips and menu strategies.

It’s not news that the health of America is on a steady decline. The simple actions often remain a could-do, should-do, or would-do rather than a will-do. Busy schedules take over and health goals are often left behind. This is bad business…and bad for your business.

We are all on a quest for better, smarter, faster work, driven by sharper strategy and creative execution. But today’s reality – 9 hours a day at a desk and little time for oneself- doesn’t exactly lead to inspired work.

A healthy weight however, is one of the biggest components to optimal health. Healthier people are happier people and thus are energized and excited, and consequently much more productive.

Studies Agree:

  • Unhealthy eating habits correlate with a 66% decrease in productivity, Brigham Young University
  • Irregular physical activity is associated with a 50% decrease in productivity, Brigham Young University
  • High turnover; the cost of recruiting all those new employees can be upward of 200% their annual salary
  • Healthcare costs are increasing at a steady rate of 5-10% per year, trending up 63% in the past seven years.
  • “Presenteeism” (employees that are present but not productive) represent 61% of an employer’s total lost productivity and medical cost.
There is now a fun way to help improve the health of your employees while also encouraging teamwork.  Contact us to set up your weight loss challenge today!