Pricing & Insurance

Consultations with Inna Topiler

Inna specializes in functional testing and works with a vast variety of conditions such as digestion, food allergies, autoimmune diseases, energy, sleep, hormone balance, skin issues, anti aging, cleansing, disease prevention and health optimization. Inna loves to put the pieces together and find answers to complex problems that are can be often missed by conventional medical practitioners. She is of the belief that if something is wrong,  there is usually an answer and will leave no stone unturned to try and find the all the possible reasons for your concerns so that you can then fix them together.

In the initial consultation (in our office or by phone) you and Inna will discuss all of your health concerns, go through a very detailed health history and set health goals. Inna will go over your diet, educate you on what foods are best for you and help you construct healthy meals. She will also recommend specific tests that would be most beneficial for you depending on your concerns and overall goals. Some of the tests will be performed in the office while others may require specific timing and therefore need to be done at home.  You will receive a kit so that you can take the samples (urine, saliva, hair) at home and mail it directly to the lab in a prepaid envelope. If you are working with Inna over the phone, all test kits can be mailed so you can collect the samples at home.  The first appointment is extremely thorough so please allow at least an hour and a half to 2 hours when planning your visit.

Initial Consultation,  2 hours – $425

We notify you when the test results come back (which usually takes 10-14 days) and set up a follow-up consultation where Inna will discuss your results and explain all the findings in a simple and easy to understand manner (she likes to go line by line to make sure you have a full understanding of your results and their effect on how you feel).  She will then design a custom nutritional regimen to address all the imbalances uncovered in your results. She will also continue to address diet and lifestyle to build on what you learned in the previous session.

First Follow-up Consultation,  1 hour and 30 minutes – $275

After the first follow-up, patients usually see Inna once a month for a few months, however frequency and length of treatment typically depends on your concerns, ailments and coaching needs. Some patients see us regularly, coming every few weeks while others pop in every few months or annually based on their needs. You are not locked into any program, so you come as you wish!

Regular Follow-up Consultation,   45 -60  minutes – $180

Consultations with Alyssa Cellini

Alyssa specializes in weight loss (we like to call this true fat loss), metabolism optimization and sports nutrition as well as thyroid, adrenal and autoimmune issues through comprehensive blood work analysis. Alyssa loves customizing caloric and macronutrient needs to properly fuel the body for weight management and athletic performance as well as finding and fixing the many hidden reasons why patients may have trouble getting to their body composition goals. When the optimal calories, exercise and food timing don’t get you the results you deserve, Alyssa will explain the most probable reasons behind your sluggish metabolism and together, you will seek out what needs to be corrected through testing.

The first visit is about 2 hours and you will sit down with Alyssa to review a very detailed health history, take measurements and go over an extensive questionnaire so Alyssa can learn as much information about your health as possible. She will measure weight, body fat, muscle, water and other metrics with our highly sophisticated body composition machine – BIA to create a baseline from which to track all of your progress through the program. Alyssa will then educate you on the details of a healthy eating regiment so you will not only know what to eat, but also the reason why certain foods are better for your body. Using the information gathered throughout your preliminary work-up, she will develop a meal plan with specific foods best suited for you based on your individual body composition with the right portions and proper timing of meals. At this time, she may also recommend blood work and any other necessary thyroid and hormone assessments to make sure everything is working properly.

The second session is usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks and Alyssa will build on the previous session, continue food education and planning, and assess the progress you have made and keep drilling down to determine an even more unique plan for you. You will receive detailed insight on your baseline measurements and how they relate to your health and future goals. As you advance through the program, Alyssa will fine-tune your meal plan and provide more specific breakdowns with each visit to cater to your body’s individual metabolism and enhance your command of your body.

After the 3 initial consultations, patients usually see Alyssa every 2-3 weeks as needed to focus on continuing education, adjusting food plans, running any necessary tests and tracking progress with the BIA to ensure the program is working best for you.

Initial Consultation – 2 hours $325

First Follow-up Consultation,  1 hour  –  $150

Second Follow-up consultation, 45 minutes – $120

All other Follow-up consultations, 30 minutes – $75

Consultations with Elizabeth Mosher

Beth specializes in functional testing and genetic analysis and works with a myriad of conditions including fatigue, digestive issues, ADD/ADHD food allergies, skin issues, lipid management and allergies. With 2 kids of her own, Beth has a lot of experience of working with children and knows how to approach difficult situations. Beth’s comprehensive approach helps both kids and adults get to the root of their ailments and balance the body to achieve optimal health. Beth is continuously researching new and exciting protocols and has become an expert in genetic test interpretation and optimizing biochemical pathways such as methylation. She is determined to find answers to your health issues and by combining the information she gathers from your health history and the sophisticated tests that we offer, she is able to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Consultations with Beth Mosher have a very similar format as with Inna Topiler

Initial Consultation,  1 – 1 and 1/2 hours – $275

First Follow-up Consultation,  1 hour and 15 minutes – $200

Regular Follow-up Consultation,   45 Minutes – $135


Unfortunately, we are not able to bill insurance directly, however we can provide you with all the necessary receipts and CPT codes so you can send them in for reimbursement. Depending on your insurance plan you may be eligible to get partially or even fully reimbursed.

Our services are however fully covered under most flexible spending plans. Our testing is often reimbursable as well. You can call your insurance carrier directly to find out the details of your plan.