Ebola in NYC

A powerful anti-microbial

We have been getting lots of emails and questions this morning about Ebola in NYC. While Ebola is not that easy to get (so please don’t panic), there are wonderful ways to boost our immune system to help protect ourselves. We love Silvercillin because it’s a very potent anti-microbial as well as an anti-viral. It has no taste and comes in a convenient spray bottle so its great for both children and adults.

Another great tool to keep in your tool box is vitamin C. When taken in higher doses, it not only boosts the immune system but vitamin C also inhibits the replication of viruses! Furthermore, high dose vitamin C can generate hydrogen peroxide which has antimicrobial properties.

Check out our C+Biofizz, a great tasting powder that can be mixed in any beverage. You get 2500mg of vitamin c in 1 teaspoon for easy dosing with no pills to swallow.