Brown Rice Pasta

I’m always on a mission to find healthy foods that taste great. This time my mission was to find brown rice pasta that doesn’t taste like glue. Many of my patients are on gluten-free diets and their biggest challenge is finding foods that taste like their gluten counterparts. I know giving up pasta can be an obstacle, but brown rice pasta is a great alternative.

As I started trying different brands I found some was too sticky, others too mushy and a few made the water really thick and pasty. After trying virtually every brand in the health food store, the Tinkyada brand stood out among the rest as it was truly delicious. Best of all, the only ingredients were brown rice flour, rice bran and water making it a healthy and whole grain choice.

Tinkyada is found in most health food stores and online. It comes in several varieties and sizes. I found the spinach and vegetable varieties to be interesting and think they’d be a lot of fun to use in recipes. Use brown rice pasta just as you would regular pasta. It’s great with homemade sauce, vegetables and olive oil or as a macaroni salad. Don’t forget to keep your meals balanced though. Pasta should not be consumed just on its own because your meal will then be too high in carbs. Add some chicken or shrimp or use pasta as a side to your favorite protein and vegetable. Enjoy!