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Love shakes but tired of your same old protein? We got something new for you…

We are excited to introduce a brand new protein powder – PurePaleo Protein by Designs for Health. It is a novel, great-tasting, dairy-free protein powder, yielding 21 g of protein per serving. It contains HydroBEEF™, a highly concentrated, pure beef … Continue reading »

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It May Not Be Gluten Afterall, Glyphosate May Be Causing Your Issues

Ever wonder why wheat seems give people so many issues in this country? While gluten certainly plays a huge role, the question we are often asked is why people who are so sensitive to wheat in the US seem ok … Continue reading »

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Introducing our sister company My Custom Cleanse!

We have been working on an exciting project to help meet the demands of our busy practice. Most of our patients come to see us to get a customized plan made for their needs. Realizing that there are just not … Continue reading »

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Ebola in NYC

We have been getting lots of emails and questions this morning about Ebola in NYC. While Ebola is not that easy to get (so please don’t panic), there are wonderful ways to boost our immune system to help protect ourselves. … Continue reading »

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Is Niacin Safe? The Media is Confusing Us Again!

Here is a great article by Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz from Designs for Health about the recent niacin news and why the reports are so deceiving. There has been some recent negative news about niacin based on the HPS2-THRIVE study, and now … Continue reading »

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For a limited time Artemisia is on sale!

Artemisia Capsules by Allergy Research Group may promote digestive comfort by providing artemisia annua extract. Artemisia annua—an herb also known as sweet wormwood—may help address symptoms of IBS such as gas and bloating as it works to balance flora and … Continue reading »

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Fertility Issues? Sub-clinical Hypothyroidism may be causing your issue

A properly functioning thyroid is a very important aspect for fertility BUT unfortunately often missed in infertility workups. Most fertility clinics and reproductive endocrinologists check the basic markers for thyroid such as TSH but do not look at the actual thyroid … Continue reading »

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Introducing Our Very Own Dairy-Free Protein Shake

Many of our patients have allergies and sensitivities to dairy and therefore cannot tolerate whey protein. There are a few options on the market for dairy free protein powders but most people have reported (and we can’t disagree) that they … Continue reading »

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We Are Getting Ready For Allergy Season – Take 10% off Natural D-Hist

As nice as this warm weather has been, the trees are blooming and allergy season is upon us. But why suffer when there is a great natural solution. Now you no longer have to let pollen keep you from enjoying … Continue reading »

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Do you “C” what we “C”?

I think that we can all agree it has been one tough winter here in the northeast. But as the weather is trying to get warmer, we are not out of the woods yet. The changes in weather and especially … Continue reading »

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