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Jacqueline Arnett – RD

Jack Arnett RD

Jackie Arnett

Jackie Arnett is a Registered Dietitian specializing in weight loss and disease prevention, management, and reversal. Jackie has helped many clients fulfill their goal of substantial health and wellness through a long-term solution in her realistic and results-oriented approach that has changed lives. She is published in prominent journals, magazines, blogs, and newsletters including being a regular contributor for Everyday Health, Livestrong, ChickRX and Shape.

Her food and nutrition philosophy is simple; she believes that wholesome and nourishing foods have the power to improve all the cells in your body to help you be, feel and look healthy. Jackie has done extensive research in diets for clinical conditions especially on nutrition and gene expression and uses her in depth scientific foundation to create practical nutritional solutions. Jackie is also the team leader for our corporate weight loss challenges and works closely with companies and participants to optimize results.