Inna Topiler – MS, CNS

Inna Topiler
Inna Topiler MS, CNS

Inna Topiler Mooney is a clinical nutritionist and the owner of Complete Nutrition and Wellness. She holds a master’s degree in Human Nutrition and is certified with the ACN, CBNS and AADP.

After graduating from Lehigh University with a business degree, Inna entered the corporate world in the field of finance. However, by the time she turned 25 she began to feel sick, developed digestive disorders, Hashimotos and was chronically tired. Doctor after doctor prescribed different medications to treat her symptoms, but the ailments did not go away. Not wanting to commit herself to a lifetime of drugs, Inna found a Clinical Nutritionist that was able to show her the proper way to eat and discovered many imbalances through various functional tests.

Inna was able to take charge of her condition and drastically improve her health and well being with health-promoting super-foods, high quality supplements and natural therapies. She watched her life transform when she changed her chemically processed, junk food diet, and substituted the proper nutrients her body needed while cleansing heavy metals, eradicating candida and other toxins and balancing her immune system. The effects had such a dramatic impact on her life, that she changed her career so that she could help others experience the same kind of success in their lives. Inna completed a master’s program in human nutrition at the University of Bridgeport and went on to complete a food based program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She got certified as a nutrition specialist by the American College of Nutrition and constantly maintains her degree with various courses, lectures and seminars to stay current with the newest research and continually expand her knowledge.

Patients now work with Inna to customize a personal program of diet, supplementation and cleansing for their personal needs and goals. Inna works with all types health concerns from fatigue to fertility with a special focus on stubborn digestive issues, hypothyroidism and Hashimotos. Inna has been featured in various publications such as Elle Magazine, Daily News, Fitness Magazine, New Jersey Life Magazine and the New York Times and is often referred by various medical doctors who seek her help. Over the last 10 years,  she has helped thousands of patients overcome their health problems and is highly sought after not only in New York and New Jersey, but also nationally and internationally. With the ease of phone consultations, Inna works with patients all over the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Israel.