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Elizabeth Mosher, MS, CNS

Elizabeth Mosher, MS

Elizabeth Mosher, MS

Beth has been studying nutrition and how it relates to health and human development for over a decade.  When her eldest son was suffering from developmental delays, she discovered through elimination diet, an extraordinary relationship between diet and his development.  Through healing dysbiosis (digestive imbalance), establishing a healthy diet, avoiding food sensitivities, and orthomolecular support, her son’s life took a new direction of healthy growth and development.

After this life changing course of events, she was very intrigued and set out to learn as much as she could about nutrition.  Beth went back to school and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Bridgeport with a Master’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition.  As a nutrition counselor, Beth provides clients with the information they need to take charge of their health.  She strongly believes that health and wellness are achieved through an understanding that we are each biochemically unique and that our personality, life style habits, and desire for change all play integral parts in finding a personal recipe for health.

Beth uses education, science-based analysis, individualized supplementation recommendations as well as coaching to help clients achieve their goals.