Alyssa Cellini – Nutritionist

Alyssa Cellini, Nutritionist
Alyssa Cellini, Nutritionist

Alyssa Cellini partnered with Inna in 2009 is the head of our revolutionary weight loss and sports nutrition program. Alyssa received her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Nutrition from Ohio State University and has previously worked in private practice in Red Bank, NJ and as a nutritionist at Riverview Medical Hospital, where she educated patients on future prevention and created nutrition plans based on their ailments. She has a strong background in science from her preparation for medical school throughout her undergraduate studies, which makes her specific passion for the science of weight loss and diabetes prevention a perfect fit for nutrition consulting.  Alyssa’s invaluable tips for grocery shopping stem from her knowledge in food composition expertise she obtained while working with the Research & Development team at a national food company.

Alyssa specializes in figuring out why someone is not losing weight properly by addressing each facet of metabolism from hormones, to thyroid health to liver detoxification. If you have had trouble losing weight, Alyssa will leave no stone unturned to figure out the root of your metabolic issues.

Alyssa enjoys breaking down complex scientific explanations into simple conventional terms. She equates her clients’ success to understanding not only what to eat, but also why they are eating at a given time. Alyssa has helped thousands of patients lose weight and keep it off with her tailored specifications for each individual, detailed analyses and remarkable coaching.

Alyssa is FirstLine Therapy certified, ServSafe certified and actively attends seminars and courses regarding the latest research in nutritional weight loss and athletic performance science.