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Do you “C” what we “C”?

C+Bio Fizz
C+Bio Fizz

I think that we can all agree it has been one tough winter here in the northeast. But as the weather is trying to get warmer, we are not out of the woods yet. The changes in weather and especially the back and forth from cold to warm is still the prime season for all types of viruses. Over the winter, we have talked about many wonderful herbal combinations such as viracid, immunitone and mycoferon that are amazing for the immune system. However there are certain circumstances where herbs may not be appropriate such as with pregnancy or nursing or if someone is specifically sensitive to that herb. The great news though is that in those cases there is still a great option. Many people may underestimate the power of vitamin C because it may seem basic but this wonderful vitamin has amazing immune boosting effects and antiviral properties and it is safe for all.

There are many vitamin C options available online and at your local health food store.  We love C+Bio Fizz because it is effervescent, tastes great  though not sweetened with sugar or any artificial ingredients and works extremely well. At a first sign of a cold or infection, mix a teaspoon of this delicious vitamin C in a little water and do this every few hours for the next few days and watch it work. It is very helpful to take vitamin C at higher doses for about 2 to 3 days at the onset of the infection or during the cold to help your body fight the infection. While all vitamin C is effective, we find effervescent works the quickest.

Please be sure NOT to do this protocol with emergen-C though. While it is effervescent and okay to use here and there you do not want to mega dose the way we are recommending with regular vitamin C. The reason is that emergen-C is not just vitamin C but also a multi vitamin and mineral formula. It’s okay to take once a day or as needed but in this situation you would want to take 2 to 3 grams of vitamin C every few hours and you will overdose with all the other vitamins that are in it if you take that much. Furthermore, it contains some sugar and taking a packet every few hours will give you a huge amount of sugar that will have a weakening affect on the immune system.

We hope that you will stay healthy this spring but if you find yourself getting a cold, try this vitamin C protocol it works!