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Boost Your Memory and Brain Power And Get a 10% Discount

Did you forget where you put your keys again? Can’t think of that word? Or lost your train of thought? The Hippocampus is the area of your brain that manages memory, recall and concentration your hippocampus may be running on fumes. This area of the brain relies on a compound called Acetylcholine as fuel. Your brain is very complex, but the function of the hippocampus is well researched, and  increasing acetylcholine has been shown to improve signaling in this area of the brain which in turn can improve short term memory and verbiage and concentration.

We are excited about a great product called Acetyl-CH by Apex Energetics because its a great way to boost brain power using natural compounds that assist in acetylcholine transmission.

Improve your short term memory, mental clarity and verbiage by providing the fuel your hippocampus needs.

Acetyl-CH which provides botanicals that exhibit/support cholinergic activity,balance acetylcholine catabolism, and provide essential cofactors and precursors for Acetylcholine Synthesis.

For the month of February take 10% off Acetyl-CH

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