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Its Cleansing Time – Save 10% NOW

cleanseWe all try our best, but sticking to an optimal diet and lifestyle is often quite difficult during the holidays. So if you over indulged, put on a few pounds and are feeling sluggish, January is a great time to do a cleanse!

To help make this easier we are taking 10% off all of our cleanses both online and in our office. Check out our most popular 21 Day Standard Process Cleanse, as well as the 7 Day Core Restore Cleanse, and the NEW 14 Day Detox by Designs for health. There is something for everyone! Hurry as this offer is only valid through Monday.

Why do you need a cleanse?

Just as dust collects in your living room and sludge at the bottom of your pool, the body retains toxins you’ve been exposed to on a daily basis. Certain toxins are difficult to avoid; air pollution, preservatives, pesticides, etc. Eventually, these toxins will interfere with the proper functioning of your organs leaving you feeling tired and foggy, causing weight gain and affecting your digestion. For those who consume alcohol, tylenol, artificial sweeteners and eat at restaurants, a cleanse is highly encouraged to jump start your energy, health and fat loss.

What do I cleanse?

The most common organ to cleanse is the liver, and for good reason! This organ has over 300 functions in the body and the main function is acting as your filter. Imagine a pool with a broken filter, YUCK!  Besides keeping the body clean, the liver oversees cholesterol production, bile production, hormone balance, glycogen storage and fat burning.

If digestion is your problem area, you likely experience gas, bloating and irregular bowel movements. A liver cleanse and elimination diet can assist in fixing this problem and we like to recommend an extra high-fiber cleanse to help sweep out the “gunk” before adding a quality probiotic and re-inoculating the defense system back into the colon.

Keys to cleansing

  1. Provide enough energy (food) to support your organ and detoxification pathways. It is a common misconception that you should not eat during a cleanse. The reasoning behind fasting is that you avoid MORE toxins coming in, but you will very likely burn muscle for energy and spare fat by doing this.
  2. Eliminate foods with preservatives and pesticides to give your liver a break. Use fresh fruits and vegetables and go organic where you can.
  3. HYDRATE! Drink a minimum of half of your weight in ounces of water. So a 200 pound person should consume 100 ounces water per day.
  4. Reduce your caffeine intake to give your adrenal glands a rest. For people that consume over 24 ounces of coffee per day, it would be a big help even to cut consumption in half during your cleanse. If coffee will stay in your daily routine, replace the milk with almond/rice milk and replace your sweetener with stevia or xylitol.
  5. Keep your blood sugar balanced by eating every 3-4 hours.
  6. Stimulate your metabolism by eating within 1 hour of waking up. A nutrition shake (made with a quality protein powders included in the cleanses) is a perfect breakfast for a busy individual.

At Complete Nutrition & Wellness, we scrutinize and research all products before suggesting them to our clients. All of our complete cleanses include high quality hypoallergenic protein powders, potent herbs and nutrients to help detoxify your body and a very detailed diet guide to create the most comprehensive cleanse available.

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