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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Is Spring Keeping You Indoors? – Natural Allergy Solutions

Change of seasons usually means better weather but all the blooms can pose quite a problem for many of us suffering with allergies! There are many different approaches from shots to medications, but for many that are looking for a … Continue reading »

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Is Carrageenan Safe?

Carrageenan is an ingredient used by the food industry to thicken various products such as non dairy milks, yogurts, dressings, sauces and various vegan products. Studies have linked carrageenan to gastrointestinal inflammation, lesions and even colon cancer in rats. When … Continue reading »

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Introducing Joshua Morgan – Integrative Massage Therapist

At Complete Nutrition and Wellness, our motto has always been to look at the whole person so that we can attain wellness from within by addressing the root causes of imbalances and disease rather than temporarily covering up the problem. … Continue reading »

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Alyssa Cellini will be presenting at Reebok 5th Avenue NYC on May 15th

Please Join guest speaker Alyssa Cellini at Reebok 5th Ave at 6:30pm for a healthy-living nutrition seminar on how to avoid toxins and hormonal imbalance. To reserve your spot, please call Reebok at 212-395-9614. Her last seminar filled up in … Continue reading »

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