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Monthly Archives: November 2011

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Your Adrenal Glands

We all know that stress is bad for our health but many are still confused about exactly why and how stress affects so many areas of our body. Our body is equipped with mechanisms to combat all types of stresses. … Continue reading »

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Probiotics – The Good Guys

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that play an instrumental role in our digestive and immune health. As with most natural products, there are many types and thousands of brands. How do you choose the right probiotic for you? In our practice, … Continue reading »

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Confused about Multivitamins?

We often hear from our patients and clients with questions about multivitamins. Which ones should I take? Which are best? What is the difference between all the ones on the market? While this is not always the easiest question to … Continue reading »

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Bad Hair Day?

Its that time of year again.. winter is on the way, and with the temperatures declining and indoor heat use increasing, our hair and skin is much more prone to dryness. To give your hair some needed TLC with belegenza … Continue reading »

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